Did you miss me?

yes you read that right - I'm fucking back...again HEY GUYSSSSSSS!! Now, I don't know why, but for some reason, I keep on getting locked out of my account and it really freakin hurts like WordPress don't you love me anymore??   anyways, this is just ANOTHER quick post I'm writing on the bus in … Continue reading Did you miss me?

Anxiety Abstractions pt.2

Saturday 25th May - 22.14pm I feel really sick. Like just an empty feeling that I don't know the cause of I kinda feel weird because I've been on the one to my friends all day I mean, I don't like saying "friends" because friends are people you can talk to about your innermost feelings … Continue reading Anxiety Abstractions pt.2

Optimism Award

(CREATED BY BAYANCE) Hey Guys! How are you all doingggg? Involve me in your lives, I'm lonely interested! Anyways, today we have a new Award created by the bloody amazing Bayance my oldest blogging bestie! Before I introduce the rules I'm gonna share the criteria - This award is for bloggers who are community-minded citizens in … Continue reading Optimism Award