You’ve Changed


Okay so firstly, I watched a Meghan Rienks video titled this and it was INSANE and it kind of made me think of my own “you’ve changed” moment so please check out the video down below before we get started.


Okay so about 4 months ago – so about 2 months into my new school (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this) I started making new friends and talking to people outside of the friendship group I had made which was full of people who went to my old school.

I mean, it was always my plan to make new friends from the get go but I’d actually ended up becoming friends with these two girls who I LOVED and because of that, I neglected my other friends. I’d never call them cause I’d be on the phone with my other friends, I never had time for them because I was out with my new friends – the list goes on.

We just got on like a house on fire, and I know it sounds like shit, but I just left my old friends. I mean, I always felt like I didn’t 100% fit in – I mean none of them ever really spoke to me when we were at our old school so can I be blamed for wanting to be friends with someone who wasn’t a figure from the worst days of my life?

Anyway, a few weeks after I was on my phone and got a FaceTime call from one of the friends that I had sort of abandoned. I thought it would be really awkward and almost didn’t pick up but decided instead to put my pride aside and pick up. The conversation itself was flowing quite well until she said to me –

“you’ve changed so much now you’ve got new friends and I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or not”

now I don’t know about you but I didn’t know how to take that statement. If she can’t even distinguish whether or not it was a good thing or not then how the hell was I supposed to?

She then went on to say that she missed me and my other friends did too and explained that I had made no time for them and I felt like complete and utter shit. I was too consumed in my own life that I barely even considered how they may have felt.

That day was the day I decided ton change, not for the better or the worse, but just for myself. I would feel bad in myself if I didn’t make time for all the people in my life, and also time just for myself.

it made me realise that not all change is irrational or uncalled for. Almost everything changes, but as meghan says “but some things will always stay the same” and I will always have CRAZY amounts of love for my friends.

what was your “you’ve changed” moment? Lemme know down below !

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!




13 thoughts on “You’ve Changed

  1. Bayance says:


    Thank you for making this post and omg Meghan is always so aesthetic and aah I love her spoken word. Change sometimes happens suddenly but as we grow, it’s gradual. I don’t think I can pinpoint when I started changing because my personality was pretty static – I just showed more or less of it around certain people. I think it’s due to all the things I read, watched and all the moving plus all the people I met. Everything around us influences us every day so yeah I don’t know if I can answer that. Love this!

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  2. Emmarodgers. A long journey of mine. says:

    I THINK MY ‘ you’ve changed ‘ moment would be when I stopped looking at myself as a disappointment and movers ahead towards encouraging myself in whatever I do.

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  3. TayPaints says:

    Well in primary school I was super shy and didn’t even open up fully to my best friends. Then when I went to highschool something just clicked and I changed a lot I talk to everyone and act as myself without worrying about being judged. This has made me able to make so many new friends even though over the few years I have changed groups a lot I’m still friends with every single one of them I just don’t see them that often. I even see my primary school friends in year 7 when I first saw them again that was when I realised I changed they told me “wow you’ve changed your so much more confident”. Thankyou for sharing your story love the video too xx

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