Optimism Award


Hey Guys!

How are you all doingggg? Involve me in your lives, I’m lonely interested!

Anyways, today we have a new Award created by the bloody amazing Bayance my oldest blogging bestie! Before I introduce the rules I’m gonna share the criteria –

This award is for bloggers who are community-minded citizens in the blogosphere and beyond. This blogger is kind, considerate, helpful, responsible and reliable. This blogger is actively engaged with their audience and the bloggers around them. This blogger is admirable and someone who lifts others with a positive and optimistic attitude. If you get tagged for this award, congratulations, you truly made a difference in the blogosphere.

Now in case you guys were surprised like

“ew, why did Alex get this? She’s like the worst!”

I AGREE WITH YOU! But this means so much to me so I’m gonna do it anyways okayyyy??




  1. List three things you’re most grateful for. (if you get tagged again, you can add 3 more or think of your own three things question or just ignore the first rule for your second time)
  2. Answer the 7 questions given to you from the previous nominee.
  3. Ask 7 new questions (or use some of mine) for your new nominees.
  4. Tag 3-7 bloggers that made a positive difference and state why beside their name (it can be one thing you like about their blog)
  5. Congratulations and enjoy unlimited positivity from all of us!

So lets beginnnnn (ew why am I so excited?😂)


  1.  my blog
  2. a good education
  3. the roof over my head


(yes, I’m asking the same questions as Bay because I am LAZY)

1. What was the best year of your life so far and why?

Hmmm, probably this year actually! I’m 16 now (turning 17 in July bitchess) and I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself as a person and the way I’m perceived to others. Despite learning to be myself years ago, I feel like I’m becoming more and more me with every minute passing and its beautiful. I’m writing more, expressing my views on feminism and finally converted to veganism (thats for another post lol) and I feel really really great. Sure there are really hard times, and then times that are harder than those and I feel like theres no tomorrow – but I guess I have to take them when they come and I’m trying to get better at controlling my emotions sooo it’s only up from here I guess!

2. What was the biggest problem you faced and how did you overcome it?

Probably my struggle with my mental health and finally working up the courage to tell somebody about my Bulimia and cutting. It was… rough to say the least and even though sometimes I slip back into my old habits, I am coping with it a lot better overall and that is NOT something that could have been said a year ago, so I am really proud of my progression and how I’ve been becoming a lot more open with my emotions and dark thoughts which kinda helps me to overcome it step by step.

3. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant?

Okay so I have two – since I’ve become vegan, my food options have become quite limited so firstly –

I LOVEEEEE Tortilla – like the chips and guacamole is fucking BEAUTIFUL and I’ll never love anything more. Periodt.

Secondly, theres this Diner place close to where I live which sells the BEST vegan burritos and milkshakes and I genuinely can’t get enough of them because they are sooooo just urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (can you tell I love food?)

4. If you could have one thought pop into people’s head when they first meet you, what would it be? (essentially what first impression would you like to give off)


5. If everything in the world was one colour what would you want it to be? (it could be different shades)

Probably like green or beige or brown ( I realise how different those are but I literally just thought of all the colours in my burritos)

6. What’s the most scandalous/terrible thing you did as a child?

I once told my whole school I had a little sister – for no reason – and the lie lasted like a year. I legit had no clue why I lied – I’m a weirdo.

7. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

Probably the way I write – I don’t really like much else haha but I’m trying!


Wamby – I really appreciate your posts because they are one of the few that genuinely make me laugh out loud

Hedy – because you messaged me a few days ago and coming from a fellow awkward girl – it takes a lot of courage and shows your optimism!

Krista Nicole – because I know you’ve been going though a bit of a rough patch but its good to stay optimistic !

AND YOU READING THIS!! (haha you just got tricked)

That’s gonna be it for this blog post – it was so much fun to write so I hope you enjoyed reading it!
Another MASSIVE thank you to Baynce for tagging me and I’ll see you all soon with another blog post!


Alex xxx

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