Anxiety Abstractions pt.2

Saturday 25th May – 22.14pm

I feel really sick.

Like just an empty feeling that I don’t know the cause of

I kinda feel weird because I’ve been on the one to my friends all day

I mean, I don’t like saying “friends”

because friends are people you can talk to about your innermost feelings

not just people to waste time with until you feel so upset that you hurt yourself

Thats what these people are

And I’m scared that everyone will turn into that for me

A break from the pain

Nobody means anything to me

or maybe they do

But in my head, I can’t comprehend them meaning anything to me at all

Not one thing.

I’m very sad and alone – but this very second, I’m laughing to the people I waste my time with on the phone.

 – – –  – – – – – – –

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