Anxiety Abstractions pt.1

sometimes I wonder why. why they all hate me. my "friends". my "family. myself. I wonder a lot. if you knew me, you'd realise that I do that a lot. It's kind of a habit of mine. I sit back and replay every conversation I have ever had over and over again. until I'm in tears, … Continue reading Anxiety Abstractions pt.1

Here’s the Thing About Life…

Things are so goddamn complicated. Nooo I'm not having another breakdown - I promise!  Is this a new series? Maybe. Is it gonna have your suggestions? Yes. Am I gonna forget about it after like 4 parts? Most Likely. Hotel? Trivago. Stay tuned.

Just a Ghost

sometimes I wonder if I'm real. If people genuinely don't see me or notice me or even just acknowledge my existence or if I'm actually invisible and there is nothing to notice I wonder if they hear me breathing or even just hear my cries for help and if they choose to ignore me or … Continue reading Just a Ghost