Cheers to the Teenage Years #6


Welcome back to CTTTYs!!!

Have you missed them? No? okay lets move on –

now one thing I can 100000% for sure say about teenage life, or even just life in general is that parent are the most ANNOYING people in the WORLD.

Yeah we love them (sometimes) but argumentation between a parent and child is the worlds most natural thing. Like seriously – society can’t function without it – unfortunately.

So based on this – I thought that the topic for this weeks CTTTYs would beeeee

*drumroll pleaseeeeeee*


whats the most annoying thing your parents do?

so without further adieu, lets get into itttttt


1. They ask literally the most OBVIOUS questions in the world –

okay so I don’t know if this applies to anybody else (a lot of these are gonna be based off of my own parents) but they legit ask the most OBVIOUS questions ever, you’d think their IQ is 0. Lemme give you guys an example –

Me – *opens front door* BYE MUM AND DAD I’M GOING OUT

Dad – *steps out of living room*  Alex, are you going out?

WELLL NOOOOOO DAD. I mean it’s not like I literally just said that 10 seconds ago.

like it’s not even that they ask me where I’m going or who I’m going with or idk, ANY REASONABLE QUESTION IN THE WORLD – it’s ALWAYS the most obvious thing ever – SO annoying!


2. Turning the tiniest thing into an episode of Love & Hip Hop

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve major resting depressed bitch face and you’d think that the WOMAN THAT BIRTHED ME would be able to tell that it’s just my face.

butttt of course not

The slightest look which probably wasn’t even intended is rewarded with a

mum – you’re being SO rude right now, I am your MOTHER and don’t forget it”

like JEEZ sorry dude idk what my face looks like right now – take a chill pill

leo decap

3. They always think they are right “because they are”

My mother is the QUEEN of saying “because I am” EVERY TWO SECONDS

This is probably the most annoying thing to me – it’s one of those things that makes you scream internally you know? and clench your fists open and close before you go all return of the Jedi on someones ass

Like I could ask her ANYTHING and even if she’s just plain WRONG, she’d fight to the death to prove that she is right JuSt BeCaUsE sHe Is.


4. They basically read your diary to the whole world

This one refers to when your parents just ruin your entire existence by telling ANYONE THEY’VE EVER MET every little story about you. Personally, the worst one for me is that one time when I was like 9, I decided it would be a good idea to press my arm on a burning hot iron – you know, just because – and my skin was legit melting like butter, leaving goop everywhere.

I didn’t tell my parents and went to school and then one of my teachers saw and nearly PASSED OUT and now whenever I’m at a family gathering, I hear this story a minimum of like 5 times, followed by roars of laughter. Thanks mother and father.



5. They HATE whenever you use your phone

kids these days are revolve around social media”

“when I was a kid, if I wanted to talk to my friends, I’d have to visit them”

you’re poisoning your mind”

these are just some of the lovely things I’ve heard from my dad whenever I so much as pick up my phone or they hear a notification.

Get with the times bro – its the 21st century!

saved by the bedd

so that’s it for this blog post I hope you enjoyed it!!

What are the most annoying things your parents do? Lemme know down below!

and don’t forget –


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