The Dreaded Plane Journey

Hey Guys!

So I just landed in Dubai a couple of hours ago and I am now in the hotel/apartment that we are staying in. I thought I would give you guys a quick update on the plane ride and then I’ll start with my my Travel log tomorrow.

So since it was a night flight, it meant that I couldn’t really see out the window, which means that there was nothing to scare me right?… No, wrong. If anything, it just made it 10 times worse not knowing what was out there. But I put on my bravest face and made sure I held on to my mothers hand like I was giving birth and I didn’t let go till we were flying for a good 10 minutes.

When we were about to take off, the plane started going REALLY fast and all I could think about was crashing. I was honestly screaming in my head but tried so hard to hide it. Once it took off, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was watching the tv shows that they had to offer, and I was drawing a little bit in my sketchbook. That was until a message from the pilot echoed around the plane.

“There may be some light turbulence”

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The first time I’m on this flying deathtrap and it might actually crash?! I mean, I’m just assuming that’s what turbulence means anyway.

Once we were ‘safe’ in the air, my mother told be that it would be wise to get some sleep because we would arrive there in the morning. I took it upon myself to buy a neck pillow and some brand new black headphones and tried to sleep while listening to some music. Well that was until a hard tap on my shoulder asked me if I wanted pasta or rice. I was so confused. Then I realised it was food so of course I was interested. I picked the pasta and it was surprisingly good for airplane food (I’m guessing it’s normally bad?)

I couldn’t sleep all night. I think it was because I was in an upright position, but it was also sooo COLD and the airplane was making such loud noises. Is that a normal thing?

After about 7 hours, it was time to land. I’d been told that when it lands, it’s really bumpy  but my touchdown was really smooth, to my surprise.

I would say that for a first experience, it was not bad at all. But I still hate travel.

Anyway, guys, this place that I’m staying is sooo fricking cool. I’ve already taken lots of cool pics that I’ll post eventually. We actually got upgraded to a bigger and better apartment because we came early and they had a space. I’ll definitely tell you guys more about it tomorrow. For today, I think that’s about all the excitement that we are both gonna see, but tomorrow is jam packed so get ready!

I’ll see you guys in the next post


The Awkward Expert♥


17 thoughts on “The Dreaded Plane Journey

  1. Bayance says:

    Omggg. Light turbulence 😂 That never happened to me. One of the most annoying things is that once I get in a comfortable position for sleeping, they announce that we have to put the seat-belts on like seriously? That’s why I never even sleep on planes.

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  2. Me says:

    Goshh I went to Dubai last year and aw it was awesome. I MEAN, I ACTUALLY SHOPPED TILL I DROPPED. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!😁 You should too!
    And please don’t forget the updates! I’ll be looking! 😁😃

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  3. cityofquiet2 says:

    Never experienced turbulence but Im boutta travel soon and omg im so freakin scared a) because im travelling on a plane that has a lot of crash reports b) THE FOOD SUCKS I DONT WANNA GET POISONED D:
    but lmao made me smile your posts r amazing

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    • aboutmyawkwardworld says:

      Omg be careful! Don’t be scared, it honestly isn’t as bad as you think and apparently plane is the safest mode of travel (I know, weird right?) I would recommend bringing your own snacks (my mothers bag is like a shop😂) and something to do to keep you busy. I hope you have a safe flight and lemme know how it goes!
      Thank you so much! x


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