oKAY SO, this is DEFINITELY unexpected for..... ALL OF YOU! I'm soooo sorry for going MIA AGAIN but for some reason, I was denied access to my account??? I thought I;d been hacked but when I finally got back on everything was fine so now I'm just convinced that some ghosts run WordPress. Anyway, you … Continue reading ALEX IS FREAKING BACK


Top 10 TV Shows I’ve Binge-Watched Because I Have No Life!

SUP Not to brag or anything, but I have a SUPER lit social life. I mean, it was just last week when I maybe it was the week before...or the week before that. . . or was it last year maybe? Anyway - at ONE point in my life, I used to do lots … Continue reading Top 10 TV Shows I’ve Binge-Watched Because I Have No Life!

My Veganism

Hey alll - Welcome back to my bloggggg . I hope you've all had a great weekend and are getting ready for school to start againnnnnn (ew I hate the fact that I still have school yet some countries have already finished for the year...#suckstobeBritish. Where in the world are you guys from and wherever you … Continue reading My Veganism

Optimism Award

(CREATED BY BAYANCE) Hey Guys! How are you all doingggg? Involve me in your lives, I'm lonely interested! Anyways, today we have a new Award created by the bloody amazing Bayance my oldest blogging bestie! Before I introduce the rules I'm gonna share the criteria - This award is for bloggers who are community-minded citizens in … Continue reading Optimism Award