Travel Anxiety

Hey Guys!

So I leave for Dubai on Wednesday and about an hour ago, I was making breakfast with my mother and she started talking about it and I had a mini panic attack right there in front of her. I’d been too excited about the prospect of going on holiday, that I didn’t even think about the fact that I have never been on a plane before. EVER.

I just put all the worst case scenarios into my head and now I’m completely terrified. It’s a long ass flight aswell. AND it’s a night flight, which means that I won’t even be able to see clearly out of the window to know that everything is going okay (I know it sounds weird but I do it everywhere – in busses, cars, coaches – you name it.

I already have some things to do on the plane to keep me preoccupied so that I can take my mind off of it but I have the attention span of a five year old, so it probably won’t work. If you have any recommendations of things an anxious traveller can do, please let me know in the comments, it will be very much appreciated by your fave awkward potato here.

Also I STILL haven’t packed. I never really understood those people who packed like a week in advance, like do you not still need the stuff you are packing to live your life?

Anyway I don’t know what to pack. I mean I understand the basics like toothbrush, underwear, stuff like that,Β Β but do I take stuff for entertainment? I am a complete newbie to this stuff. I’ve only ever been to France, and that was by train. Once againπŸ˜‚Β if anyone has any tips to help, it would be great. Or you could maybe leave a link to a travel tips post of something?

I didn’t really have a point of this post, but I never do to be honest. This is just a place where I can talk complete and utter crap hopefully without being judged. I’m very sorry if it didn’t make sense to you because, as I’m sure you know by now, I NEVER proof read.

If any of you would like to talk toΒ me or you are just bored and wanna say hi, my email is…

I can talk about anything. Really, try me.

Anyway that’s all I have for today, I guess I’ll see you guys in the next post!

Ooh, don’t forget to leave some tips!


The Awkward Expertβ™₯

13 thoughts on “Travel Anxiety

  1. Bayance says:

    Giiirl same! I went to Dubai and back twice because some family live there. And same flights get me anxious. I’m always like “so this is going to crash and I’m gonna drown in the sea or find a way to survive on an island. how amazing.” And every time the flight would shake, i would think “okay this is it” πŸ˜‚ I guess the thing that helps me is to think that the pilot is really trained and he never crashed a plane before so we’re going to make it out alive. And we always do. So I don’t know just don’t worry about that. Oh and to keep you entertained, I bring lots of stuff in my carry-on bag like a book, journal, Sudoku ( and yes I know how to solve them because I’m a grandma ) and other things. But then never end up using anything and binge-watching movies and tv shows on the plane. Oh and I also never sleep. Like wow I’m an owl. Oh and don’t eat anything you don’t like because who wants to throw up on a plane, right? πŸ˜‚ At some point, there will be a sunrise or sunset so take lots of picturesss. And you can also vlog and keep it to yourself. AND you can write in a journal and type it all up in your blog later. Like keeping us updated and all of that. Sorry for the long comment and I’ll just say have a safe flight in advance! πŸ’ž

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