Cheers to the Teenage Years #6

YES I KNOW ITS BEEN FOREVER BUT I LOWKEY FORGOT ABOUT THIS SERIES HAVE BEEN REALLY BUSY LATELY! Welcome back to CTTTYs!!! Have you missed them? No? okay lets move on - now one thing I can 100000% for sure say about teenage life, or even just life in general is that parent are the most … Continue reading Cheers to the Teenage Years #6

You’ve Changed

heyyyyy Okay so firstly, I watched a Meghan Rienks video titled this and it was INSANE and it kind of made me think of my own "you've changed" moment so please check out the video down below before we get started.   Okay so about 4 months ago - so about 2 months into … Continue reading You’ve Changed

Goodbye 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHES... (23 DAYS TOO LATE) I's basically February now butttt anyways, I apologise for the late post but the meaning is all the same! I hope you're all having a wonderful New Year and you better have not broken any of your resolutions! (yeah thats right I'm talking to you there … Continue reading Goodbye 2018