Hey alll,

So about a 2 days ago, I was in bed and it finally clicked to me –

I’M DONE with being a sad ass bitch

the other day I posted my mini breakdown, and as soon as I hit published I thought I was an idiot. Why the hell am I crying over silly people in my life that I’d be a million times better off without? I mean, they insult me, directly AND indirectly, they’re rude, unappreciative and conceited and I want nothing to do with people like that. I find it funny how people will always infiltrate your life just to come in and ruin it from head to toe. NO MORE WASTED TEARS ON BITCHES – THAT IS A PROMISE. I’m done being a saddo.

Anyway, since I’m down being a stupid pussy that everyone takes advantage of, can anybody tell me what the opposite of that is? Anybody? Yes!, you in the corner?

Thats right! I’m going to be a stone cold emotionless bad bitch.

ooo, I may even be the Head Bitch in charge.

There once was a time in my life where I was emotionless, I sat in the playground alone for most of my teen life. But I’ve changed schools, I’ve made friends, allies, and a few enemies from my past – but I’m gonna rise above it, forget bout them and become the baddest bitch you’ve ever seen.

No risk, no reward.

Yes I am aware of how incredibly silly this sounds – even I’m not THAT dumb. But it WILL happen. Whether you like it or not, whether you like ME or not. I am DONE being the victim, and I might, just might see what it’s like being the villain (but not in a mean way of course 🙂 ) But I will show no sympathy, no care – at least to the people who screwed me over (or to everyone – I haven’t quite decided yet haha)

Nice Alex is GONE. Thank those bitches for that.

but, I’ve still got time for all of you wonderful people! If you guys need anything you can always hit me up through my email on the contact page or in the comments.

Alsooo, I wanna collab with some of you bad bitches so hit me upppp!

Love you all and see you in my next post!


Alex – The Awkward Expert + Baddest Bitch Around

3 thoughts on “Emotionless

  1. Bayance says:

    Omg this post was a mood. 😂 But just try not to be negative towards them. They don’t deserve any energy from you. I mean a bit of empathy would be nice but it’s your choice. And don’t forget that it’s okay to have emotions or be sad because idk if this armor is going to last but please keep updating us.


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