Talks With a Teen #6 ft. Avocado Thoughts

Hey Dudes,

anddd, welcome back to talks with a teen!

Once again, sorry for taking a massive break AGAIN, but we’re back and we’re better with more of you guys joining me to give your opinions on teen topics affecting us – teens!

So today we are joined with the LOVELY  Sera from Avocado Thoughts so go check her out, give her a little follow (tell her I sent you!). I’ve been following her for a while now and I loveeee her blog and I bet you all will too!

Also, if you guys wanna take part in the talks and have your say in front of the audience then email me through my contact page! Everyone is welcome over here :).

SO – the topic of todays talks issss –

Teens must stop trying so hard to look like everyone else-

butttt, before we get into it, if you guys wanna check out some past Talks with a Teen, I’ll link a few here, here and here!

Sera, take it away!

Sera’s Thoughts – 

Hey lovelies! I’m so honored to be able to create this blog post for all you readers here on Alex’s blog! In case you didn’t know, my name is Sera and I run the blog Avocado Thoughts:) I cover very random things: basically stuff like photography, list, stories from my life, and I’ve just started a few book reviews. Maybe touching on some more serious topics will spark some serious topics on my own blog;) BTW, this is my first official collab so uh…wish me luck 😂

Ok. Let me start off by saying I can’t exactly guarantee where this post will go because I have some pretty strong opinions based around clothing in general. So buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the ride because this might end up going all over the place!

First of all, I’d like to question why this topic specifically tells about teens…it’s not like teens are the only ones who try hard to fit in! Sure, teens compared to adults can be a little extreme sometimes, but isn’t it human nature to blend in? Mae sure you don’t stand out? I think teens  trying so hard to fit in also goes into the need to be social, or in a group. Every sane person doesn’t want to be alone (ok…depending on the situation I can see an argument here. But I’m just talking in general, k?) It’s a natural instinct to fit in and be with other people. Humans are naturally social. I think that teens trying so hard to look like everyone else can go two different ways. The clothing aspect and the personality aspect.

Teens (not to be sexist, but this usually about girls) are so focused around looking like their peers because of how we were raised and what we learned from as kids. I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers being discouraged to do things out of the norm as a child (granted, we were children and needed discipline, but there is a level of freedom that could be given. Plus, seeing out ‘elders’ and siblings so focused around fitting in doesn’t help). From a really young age, it seems different from everyone around you is portrayed as bad, or wrong. This leads to being stuck society’s grasp and eventually, trying so hard to look like everyone else. I’d say out need to look like everyone else isn’t entirely out fault. If you’re told not to be different from as far back as you remember, why wouldn’t you try to fit in with the trends?

Trends are in a way the opposite. In my eyes, trends are set by those of us who are willing to step out of the box and take matters into their own hands. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Be a trend-setter?’ I believe most people who set trends don’t even mean to set trends in the first place. In the process of portraying their personality through fashion, someone simply decided to copy them or had the same idea, Especially with social media today everything can travel so fast to so many different people.

Something I feel like I shouldn’t have to mention is the judgement of your peers and society. Fitting into trends puts teens in a safe, comfortable place with no bullying. This goes with personality and clothing. Going off on your own risking your reputation (oh, that’s a whole other story!) and the same routine teens like to follow. I think it would be awesome to live in a world where everyone could feel the freedom of choosing exactly what they want to wear and portraying their true self without the judgement of other (whether that be what’s ‘trendy’ or not!)

I’d also like to ask why what teens wear should matter that much. Yes, we should feel free to dress however we like. But no, it shouldn’t matter that much to you about what your neighbor is wearing! Who cares if they are wearing a neon green ugly sweater?? If that’s what they want to wear fine. So, of you like dressing with the trends, then do it! If you don’t then don’t! It should make no difference what everyone else is saying.

Okay. So, To sum things up, I’d say always remember to not be afraid to be yourself and dress that way (if that’s what you want!). It doesn’t matter what society says, you are beautiful in every way and should be confident! You deserve it☺️.

Okay so that was Sera’s thoughts ! Leave your opinions down below!

My Thoughts – 

As much as I’d like to say “everyone should be original!” and “step outside of the box!”, I

DO realise how hard it can be to do so. It’s definitely easier said than done. People can’t really just be themselves as much as they’d like to be because they’re scared. However, I DO believe that people should stop copying stereotypes.

Everyone wants to be part of the cool kids in school and you know why? These silly movies that live up EXACTLY to those images. They feed us with all of these lies about he real world and tell us what we supposedly have to do to make it to the top. Nobody tells us the truth – how it can really work. And because of that, now, these stereotypes have become a reality and its really and truly sad! I think the questions shouldn’t be, should teens stop trying so hard to look like everyone else. I think it should be what can we do to make teens know to be more confident and KNOW that being themselves should be good enough – not only for themselves, but for EVERYONE.

I feel like I used to try and fit in with everyone. I had your typical high schools story – friends with the cool kids, get’s outcasted, becomes a loner. And now, in my new school, I am really thriving! But that’s not just because I am being 100% myself. It’s because I play into the role that I believe is best suited for me! Who, knows, maybe I was meant to be a cool badass in a public atmosphere, but at home, I’m just geeky old Alex who loves to blog and play the Sims.

And I’m not putting these facades on purpose – everyone has different sides to them and I feel like it’s not necessarily a bad thing unless you truly feel like you don’t like the old you use, or it’s changing you for the worse! And until that becomes an issue, then no, I don’t think that teens should stop trying to be like everyone else. It gives them a sense of identity, security and trust that is VITAL for teens, who especially at those ages need it the most! I think it can both help AND hinder -but only if used in the wrong ways.

Okay thats what I think! Lemme know what you guys thought of MY opinions down below – and lemme know YOUR thoughts !


Sooo that’s it for this blog post! This is actually one of my favourite topics so far! And a massive thank you to Sera again – LEAVE HER SOME LOVE IN THE COMMENTS!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!


Alex – the Awkward Expert💞

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