The ‘Camila’ Album

Hey Guys, So if you are new to this blog, you probably think this is just another regular blog post. However if you've been here for a while (yo, what's up dudes?) you'd know that I've never done an album review before and to be honest, I wasn't even planning to. But Camila Cabello's new … Continue reading The ‘Camila’ Album

My Bulimia Story

(warning - the topic of this post is very sensitive so continue at your own risk) Hey Guys, So today I wanted to let you into what used to be a massive part of life. It consumed everything I did for about a month and a half and I would say it changed me a … Continue reading My Bulimia Story

My Take on Love

(Hey would you look at that - more sensitive language) Hey Guys, Can I quickly just start out by saying how overrated love is?? Now trust me, I'm not just saying that because I've never been there...actually that's pretty much exactly my reasoning behind this. Don't take this to heart is what I'm essentially trying … Continue reading My Take on Love