Intensive Training – The Beginning

Hey Guys!

So tomorrow – 5th of February – marks the start of my fitness journey! It also marks the start of my intensive training. Yes you heard me – your lazy, tired, always either angry, sad or hungry girl is changing her ways!

Starting tomorrow, I am starting a new diet, training schedule and a rigours workout plan. I am not ready at all but hey – my body in 50 years will thank me for it right?

So today I’ve had my last cheat day for a long long time. But since I’m vegetarian and the rest of my family LOVE meat, you could see my options where kinda limited. In the morning I made my self avocado toast (it’s not even cheat food…it just tastes good okay?). For lunch, I ended up going for some onion rings and dip with a packet of crisps and for dinner I just had some soup and salad. Oh! and to wash it all down, I made a gallon of lemon and mint water (my mother tells me it’s good for digestion)…I mean, I guess my cheat day wasn’t all that bad right?

By the way – I am also trying to cut down on my dairy intake..except for cheese …sue me – I’m not a fucking super human. But yeah, I went out and bought non dairy butter – tastes exactly the same, some almond milk – tastes different but in a good way and a bunch of other non dairy products. I also bough tonnes of cheese which kinda defeats the purpose but oh well.

Now onto the working out portion of the training –

So from now on, I am going to (or at least try) to wake up everyday at 6 or 6.30 and do a morning workout, or flexibility exercise. I’ll also be doing a hour or 2 more of workouts after school – either at the gym or at home. And every weekend, I’m going to try running long distance and try swimming – it will alternate every week.

I’ll be updating you guys at the end of every week with what I did that week and if I stuck to the routine but yeah! This is it!

I know this post is kinda short but this was just kind of an overview for all the exciting stuff that is going to come.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I hope you’ll join me!

See you in my next blog post.




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