My Bulimia Story

(warning – the topic of this post is very sensitive so continue at your own risk)

Hey Guys,

So today I wanted to let you into what used to be a massive part of life. It consumed everything I did for about a month and a half and I would say it changed me a lot as a person –

I had Bulimia.

So in case any of you don’t know what this means, it’s (in my opinion) basically binging and purging. So sometimes I would eat a shit tonne of food and then throw it all back up again. Yes, I know it’s not pretty but it’s reality and not everything is daisies and kisses and hugs and chocolate.

For me, it wasn’t just a once in a while thing where I would eat a whole chocolate cake and then throw it up. It got to a point where I was doing it after every meal and every snack. Like even if it was something small, I would try my best to get as much of it up as possible and wouldn’t stop until I thought it was all out. I don’t know how it started, but one day I just remember throwing up a slice of cake my brother had bought me and it just started from there.

I remember that night perfectly. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Before I did it, I thought it was gonna be a one time thing. “Come on Alex – just this one slice of cake”. As soon as it was over, I KNEW that I was gonna be doing it again, and again and again.

It was like an addiction, I just couldn’t stop. It was like a fucking part of my day – if I didn’t do it at least 3 times a day then I would feel incomplete, and I would have an anxiety attack and freak out and cry myself to sleep.

I even did it in school. The days that I actually decided that I WAS going to eat, I went to the toilets and let it all back up. And it felt disgusting. I felt weak. But I had to do it. I had to.

This is NOT the story that I wanted to tell today, but it’s been a secret for such a long time. I haven’t told anybody that I know personally in real life yet – and I don’t intend to for a long time, but I feel better telling you guys.

I don’t know what made me stop,  but one day I just woke up and forced myself to eat and keep it in. It wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t helping anybody. If there is one thing I could say to any of you who are even THINKING about it – it doesn’t help. Honestly, it just makes you feel like shit afterwards. It’s like a drug – once you start, it’s SO SO hard to stop and that could lead to some serious health complications and it shouldn’t even be the answer and is not worth the hassle.

I’m much better now, I’ve been hanging around people who accept me and I don’t feel the need to change or feel like I’ve lost control.

This was hard for me to say but if it even helped ONE person then I know it was worth it.

If anyone would like to talk about anything then I’m always here.

I’ll see you all in my next blog post,



16 thoughts on “My Bulimia Story

  1. QueenTeen says:

    Awwww soooo glad you’re feeling better💜.
    I’m so happy you persevered and stayed strong because that led you to getting better.
    I’m 1000% sure you inspired people who may have similar illnesses.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. questionsfromateenager says:

    Reading this honestly made me tear up a bit. Not because I feel sorry for you, but because you seem like such a strong person. I admire the heck out of people who have willpower like you do. Who have so much courage in them. And to think you went through this alone and STILL managed to come out of it as a whole and grow from it. That takes so much determination. In all honesty, I am proud of you. Really really proud, even though I don’t technically know you.


  3. myintrovertedlife19 says:

    I know people who are like this. I used to starve myself for days at a time because I have body dysmorphia. I’m 20 years old and I only weigh 98 pounds now from years of damaging my body. I know it’s not the same as eating and throwing everything back up, but it’s still a very deadly eating disorder. I’m so happy to hear you’ve overcome it. I overcame my eating disorder as well and now I’m working to be a healthy weight. Keep pushing forward 💙

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  4. Bayance says:

    Omggg Alexa! I’m so glad you got past this!! I watched a video today by JaidenAnimations and ugh this and that video really hit me. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it (um food is bae and ugh I hate throwing up) but I could only imagine how hard it was. You are NOT weak and actually really strong for taking the healthy route out. I hope this post helps other people going through this as well. Stay strong (XX 😂💕)

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  5. iamquitepoetic says:

    Few days late but I’m so proud of you that you managed to tell us and that you fought against it on your own, you’re so strong and inspiring! I’m sure there are people out there that are in the same position as you were back then and you might’ve motivated them to stop and that’s amazing.

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