A Midnight Wander To Remember

Hey Guys,

So last night was probably the most adventurous, scary, confusing and fucking awesome night I’ve had in a long time.

As you all know, Nadia and I decided to become midnight wanderers and go out at midnight whenever we felt like it and do whatever we wanted (check out here to know a lil more about Nadia).

Anyway, last night we decided to do it! I snuck out of my house and met up with her and it was…lemme just get into it –

(this is gonna be a long one)

Okay so let’s start with sneaking out.

Originally, we were meant to leave both of our houses at midnight but Nadia’s mum and uncle were still awake and my brother came home to visit and kept my mother awake…not ideal right??

So the second that I heard my mother turn off her light in her room, I got ready and waited in my living room. Did I mention that my mothers room is right next to the living room AND the front door? Well that made shit 100 times harder.

Nadia wasn’t having the best time either – she had to sneak out of her kitchen window.

So I waited a good five minutes before I got up to sneak out. By now it’s about 30 minutes past midnight.

So in my house, I have a creaky front door AS WELL AS A GATE that CLANGS whenever you shut it…dude, it’s like I was DESTINED to be caught. I unlocked my front door and opened it so slowly that the tension was driving me mad. My house keys were rubbing together on my keychain and I swear I was so scared that my mother would hear because bearing in mind, she only got in bed about 10 minutes prior so she might be still awake.

Once I opened my front door, I unlocked my gate and when I opened it, it made the LOUDEST NOISE that I had every heard. Once I heard it, I know I had to hurry up so I quickly shut it and locked it and jumped over my gate and RAN off down the road. The adrenaline was insane and it felt like such a thrill but at the same time, I was so fucking scared.

Once I got about halfway up my road I got out my phone and called Nadia. We were both on our way to the meeting point and I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda scared. I mean, I’ve been out at midnight before, but never to like the city where tonnes of people are. I normally just stick to parks. So once I got to the bus stop, since it was night, they were taking AGES to come and I was the only person at the bus stop and on the whole road. I swear, I thought that every car that came past was coming to abduct me and every shadowing figure was coming to murder me.

Once the bus FINALLY came, I got one and there was only one other woman on it. She was kinda young and based on the time I’m guessing she just came back from a party. One thing that my mother always told me was that if you’re ever scared on the bus, you should always sit next to the driver so that you have quick access to him/her. I don’t even know why I did it, but I decided to listen to her and sit next to the driver. It actually made me feel a lot better and having Nadia on the phone helped too. So after a few stops the bus was fairly full. A lot of Americans were actually on it (I could tell by the accents) and I’m guessing they came back from a wedding based on the fact they had tonnes of musical instruments.

Anyway, once I  got off at my stop, Nadia was already there waiting for me. We had originally planned to go to this big town with tonnes of popular shops and just walk around (by now it’s like 1 in the morning) but the bus was taking a long ass time so as we were waiting, we saw a bus on the other side of the road going to a COMPLETELY different area and we just went on it. We ran out into the middle of the road (yes, I know it’s dangerous) and got onto the bus on the other side.

We were on it for a while and got off at the last stop. Once we did, we were in this little village type thing and opposite was a kinda hotel/hostel thing. We crossed over the road so we were on the same side as it and this is where things got interesting.

Once we got to that side, we heard things dropping. And we looked up and boys were throwing eggs at us. Dude you have no clue how fucking scared I was. But it was so funny – we were laughing our heads off and running and dodging like crazy. I felt like I was in fucking Grand Theft Auto or something. Once we got round the corner, we stopped to catch our breath. Nadia went on Instagram live to tell them all what happened and I swear it was so fucking funny.

So after that we thought it would be a good idea to leave that area so we went back to the bus stop (not past the hotel again) and went back to where we started. Once we got there, we saw the bus that we were actually supposed to go on in the first place and got on it. We went upstairs and Nadia got her vape pen out. No it’s not that big of a deal, chill guys, but we smoked some – she had a pinapple flavoured one which tasted fucking great btw.

The whole time we were on the bus, I saw this creepy guy that kept looking over at me and Nadia. I nudged her and told her and she said next time he did it we would go downstairs. Like LITARALLY 5 seconds later, he looked again but saw us both looking at him and he smiled and looked away, I swear he looked like a meth head and judging by his gesticulative actions, he probably was.

Anyway, after he looked again, we both went to sit downstairs. When we got off of the bus, we started walking around and looking into shops, seeing what we would buy if we could, and looking at the different kinds of people out at night. There were a few clubs in this area so we saw a lot of drunk people just enjoying life and it was kinda cool.

We literally walked through the entire town and back again to the bus stop to go back to were we started again. Now this bus ride was where EVERYTHING went down. So Nadia and I got on sat down in those 4 area seat sections. I sat opposite her and not next to her and turns out that wasn’t a good idea. After a few stops, this guy – I would say around early/mid forties (definitely a little tipsy) came and sat down next to Nadia opposite me. He asked why we were out so late and we looked so young. I was about to speak (and probably blow our cover) when Nadia told him we were 17 and we were on our way home. Then he said that she could be a model because she was so pretty. It was lowkey kinda creepy but he was giving some legit advice. Turns out he was in the fashion industry and he said that she would make a great asset to the world of modelling. He was giving us tips on how to get started and how to tell if it’s a con and he was such a dear soul. Though he was kinda drunk.

Once he got off we both started laughing and talking about how nice he was when a guy came and sat down next to Nadia. He just came and asked how us “ladies” were and then just carried on looking at us. Me and Nadia were looking at each other and back at him and we’re just SO AWKWARD. Then his friend came from downstairs and started shouting saying “YOU LEFT ME UPSTAIRS YOU FUCKING WASTE MAN”.

Dude when I tell you that Nadia and I were fucking DYING. It was so funny. Opposite us were these two Spanish girls and so the friend sat down next to them and said “don’t worry, I’m got new better friends now” and he high fived them and started speaking some Spanish to them that didn’t even make sense. I swear it was so funny but then the laughter died down and it went back to silence. I whispered to Nadia if we should move but she whispered that it would be too suspicious. The guy who sat down next to her leaned in and said “what are you girls gossiping about?”

We stayed silent and after awhile, he asked for her snapchat and for some reason, she gave it to him. It was getting to our stop and I was just minding my own business when Nadia told me that the friend was looking at me. I looked at the friend and he looked away. I don’t know  –  maybe he was shy or something. We started talking about what stop we were getting off at and it turns out they were getting off at the next stop.

So we bid our goodbyes and got off – Nadia telling me he was staring at me the whole time. I don’t know whether to be flattered or scared.

So when we got off, we were like a bunch of little girls squealing and shouting about the boys. She got her phone out and texted him to meet us but he said he couldn’t but we could go to his house the next day. I didn’t want to but Nadia agreed (skip to next day – turns out he was 21…yeah THAT wasn’t gonna work out)

So after that, we were pretty hungry so we decided to go to the grocery shop that was near by. On the way, a car pulled up next to us and two REALLY good looking guys rolled down their windows and asked us if they knew anywhere they could get some food. We told them that there was a grocery shop down the road and they looked us up and down, smiled and then said thanks and drove off.

We didn’t think they would actually go to the shop – we thought they were just being weird but once we got to the shop, we went into a lane and there they were, standing there looking at food. One of them noticed us and told the other one and he looked up too so we DIPPED into another lane. We didn’t want them to think we were following them or anything because we actually weren’t. So once we got into another lane, I turned around and they were following us laughing. We were laughing too and running through the lanes and hiding behind items and I could tell that they still saw us.

After I thought they had gone, we paid for our food and left, we went to a bus stop and were about to start eating our food when a car PULLED OVER INTO THE BUS LANE and rolled down the windows again. It was the same boys and this time they asked us if we knew anyone around here who sold weed. I actually could have named a few people but we just told them that we didn’t. They they asked us how old we were and Nadia told them that we were 17. They then asked if we wanted a motive (aka: something to do). They were flirting like crazy and I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda flattered – but I’m also not a fucking idiot so I said no and so did Nadia. They asked us if we were sure and that we could have lots of fun with them – which loosely translates to let me fuck you in my hotel room – but ONCE AGAIN we said no and they said “alright. maybe next time” and drove off down the road.

Dude I gotta say – THAT was weird. Nadia got her phone out and we recorded our version of events to her snapchat and it was so funny. I honestly couldn’t believe that all of this happened on our first time. I never thought I’d experience anything like that…like EVER.

So after we ate, she dropped me off at my bus stop and we went home.

Sneaking out was one thing, but sneaking BACK IN??

As soon as I unlocked my front door and when inside, I took off my shoes and BOLTED to my bedroom and locked my door. I was texting Nadia to see if she got in okay and we ended up talking about the nights events for about and hour until we both fell asleep. Oh by the way, I got home at around 4.45 in the morning.

The next day I woke up at 12.30 and I actually had a surprisingly nice sleep.

Okay so that’s what went down Thursday night! I actually went out again with Nadia last night and let’s just say that this time, it didn’t end as well. That post is gonna come soon but lemme know what you thought about this one!

What have you guys been up to? Tell me down in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

19 thoughts on “A Midnight Wander To Remember

  1. Elm says:

    Oh fucking hell this is one of the best posts I’ve ever read, it transported me right to where you are and not in a creepy way, in an emotional way. Thank you for this absolute gold. It sounds seriously wild and I’d love to do something like that. I live in a suburb near a big city though so I don’t know how well I could do this. Still though, it sounds absolutely transformative. Creepy guys are strange though and I’m glad that the first night didn’t go too badly; I’m apprehensive for what happened to you on the next one and I hope it’s not too bad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Indy Watson says:

    That is so cool but I’d literally be so scared that someone would try and kidnap or rape me seriously. And omg I swear you and your friend must be gorgeous judging on all those guys hahha. And it’s always a shame when you find out a guy is WAY older.

    Liked by 1 person

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