Happy Mothers Day!

Hey Guys! It’s around 8 o’clock in the morning on Mothers Day and I just woke up and my mother is fast asleep. I’m about to rush off to the shop to buy her some flowers and her favourite chocolates as well as a card, because it’s the least I could do you know?

When I get back, I’m going to attempt to make her breakfast in bed without burning the whole house down (no promises). And the best part about today? My big brothers are coming home for Mothers Day! I’m so excited I haven’t seen them in ages, I know we talk on the phone but I’m just so happy I get to see them again in person, after sooo long!

So I thought before I leave the house I could quickly tell you guys some reasons why my mother is my hero.


  • She’s always been there for me, right from the beginning
  • She always has my best interests at heart
  • Despite having 3 other children, I feel that she loves us all equally
  • She’s provided for me
  • She’s got me through some of my darkest days
  • She’s beautiful, funny and a great role model for me to aspire to be
  • She’s always believed in me
  • She always encourages me to do my best
  • She pushes me to achieve my goals
  • As well as a ‘Mother Daughter’ relationship, I would consider us ‘friends’ too
  • She never lets me down
  • She’s an AMAZING cook
  • She helps me tame my awkwardness
  • She sticks by me through all of my angry teenager phases
  • She’s patient, caring and helpful
  • She loves me and I love her more

Mother if you’re reading this I hope you have the best day that anyone could give you, and I think you should know….

You have a pretty great daughterβ™₯

Anyway I hope you guys liked this post and I hope all you have the blessing of a mother in you’re life. See you in the next blog post!


The Awkward Expertβ™₯


4 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. Bayance says:

    Awhhh this is so cute. Last year on Mothers Day (2016) I tried to make my mom breakfast in bed but I was reallyyyy sick like SICK and I tried my best but I almost fainted on the kitchen floor so I just gave up and went to sleep #fail :/

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