Love – an ode

Articulation was never the strong suit Of those who fall so intensely in love The stutters and fumbles of a boys pursuit Mimic those of hers, as pure as doves "What's mine is yours" is taken too literally Wouldn't you say? The explanations for greatness are never really truly explained I want to hold you … Continue reading Love – an ode

W. H. O. L. E

  Do you ever get that feeling you're invisible? huh, cliche, I know But I feel like I am falling into a hole waiting for someone to notice my screams but they never do do you know what I mean? and for that, I don't feel adequate I sit and stare and cry a bit … Continue reading W. H. O. L. E

My Take on Love

(Hey would you look at that - more sensitive language) Hey Guys, Can I quickly just start out by saying how overrated love is?? Now trust me, I'm not just saying that because I've never been there...actually that's pretty much exactly my reasoning behind this. Don't take this to heart is what I'm essentially trying … Continue reading My Take on Love