Now I don’t want to get too into this subject today as I’ve already posted three times but I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I think about this matter. if you wanna see a full length blog post about this, please let me know in the comments below but for now, lets just get into the post!

These days, everyone I know is OBSESSED with finding the ‘latest trend’ or ‘newest craze” and I really don’t understand why. Like is there a million dollar prize for following it orrr..? I know that everyone is just desperate to fit in, I am too, but sometimes it gets a little too much. Remember the thigh gap craze? When people were actually STARVING themselves just to get the ‘approval’ of everyone else. Does everyone else know how much pain and suffering people went though just to be able to have the ‘perfect body’ like those Instagram stars? Unless you’re going through this, nobody could even try to comprehend whats going through the minds of those people. Those people who feel the need to change EVERYTHING about themselves just to fit in with everyone and get their five minutes of fame.

One question that is never asked is ‘what happens after the craze? What happens to those people who have spent time and money on getting a thigh gap and a stick thin body when the next craze is to be curvy and thick? They get stuck in the old craze and feel as if they are left out. Again. It’s a vicious cycle of working hard to have something and be someone and then have it taken away in a split second just to be replaced by the next big thing.

And our so called “role models” are not helping. It’s people like them with a tonne load of money who are not using it for any good whatsoever that are what’s wrong with society. Instead of using the money for good like I don’t know, starting an organisation etc.. they use it to flaunt their success to the rest of the world. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with spending hard earned cash, but its making it seem like if you don’t have the money, then you shouldn’t be accepted at all, period.

One day I hope that everyone will be accepted for exactly who they are because everyone is absolutely perfect in their own unique beautiful way and so are you, beautiful reader!

See you in the next blog post !


The Awkward Expertโ™ฅ

Overall Mood = Happy I Got That Off My Chest ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. roxysinthemiddleofnowhere says:

    Completely understand what you mean, there’s too many followers in this world & it seems like no one wants to be their own person. Some people forget they can make their OWN choices rather than being influenced by the people around them, they don’t have to get the latest gadget or follow the latest trend if they don’t want to.

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  2. MilesOfRoses says:

    Good article! I’m not a teen anymore (21) but I think that this all comes down to wide spread low self esteem. A teen wouldn’t obsess about “fitting in” if they were already comfortable with their own uniqueness. When I was a teen, I struggled with depression and anxiety (still do a little bit). But I didn’t really follow trends, I liked lots of weird geeky things, and nowadays I embrace my weirdness because it makes me who I am. I think the problem is that teens nowadays (and always, really) just desperately want to be accepted by peers and seen as “cool”. The problem nowadays is that what is “cool” changes so fast that people struggle to keep up with it and feel anxiety because of it. I also think that so-called role models (celebrities) only make this situation worse.

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