Talks With a Teen #5 ft. Bayance

(sorry for this post being a ALOT late! Bayance and I have been super busy lately!) Hey Dudes, anddd, welcome back to talks with a teen! Today we are joined with the lovely Bayance so go ahead and check out her blog - it's awesome! So the topic of todays talk issss - Teens are obsessed … Continue reading Talks With a Teen #5 ft. Bayance

The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

(header image from Bayance) Hey Dudes, Now this is LONGGGG overdue but I'm gonna do it anyways alright?? Now we've been tagged by the awesome BAYANCE to do the new Mysterious Would You Rather Tag which I am SUPERR excited to do sooo let's just get into it before I go of on a massive tangent assss … Continue reading The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

Just a Ghost

sometimes I wonder if I'm real. If people genuinely don't see me or notice me or even just acknowledge my existence or if I'm actually invisible and there is nothing to notice I wonder if they hear me breathing or even just hear my cries for help and if they choose to ignore me or … Continue reading Just a Ghost