Death – The “Love Letter” Series

Death Sweet sweet freedom Desolate, ladylike - a mistress in her own right Striding through the quiet night Sweeping up suitors, from left to right Living her life free from pain Dancing on empty wallets in the rain The taste of temptation lingering on her lips she wipes it away with a sickly kiss But … Continue reading Death – The “Love Letter” Series

Sunshine Blogger Award 3

Hey Guys! So today, we are back with another award - that I was nominated for about 6/7 months ago (oops - sorry for being so late) Anyway, this is a sunshine blogger award! The THIRD one I've been nominated for - which still makes no sense to me considering I am literally the definition … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award 3

Goodbye 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHES... (23 DAYS TOO LATE) I's basically February now butttt anyways, I apologise for the late post but the meaning is all the same! I hope you're all having a wonderful New Year and you better have not broken any of your resolutions! (yeah thats right I'm talking to you there … Continue reading Goodbye 2018