Liebster Award #3

 disclaimer - I kinda just found this post in my drafts nd idk how old it is soooo bare with!😂 Hey Guys! So we've done it again - we've tricked someone into nominating us!! (high fives all round - HAHA SUCKERR!!) Okay, now in all honesty, thank you so much Wamby for nominating me for … Continue reading Liebster Award #3

Liebster Award #2

Yo my dudes, So today, the person we have managed to trick into nominating us for an award is - *drumroll please* THAT ONE GUY WHO SITS ALONE AT A PARTY!! Okay, but in all honesty, thanks so much dude - everyone go check out his blog. I swear it's one of my faves here … Continue reading Liebster Award #2