Liebster Award #3

 disclaimer - I kinda just found this post in my drafts nd idk how old it is soooo bare with!😂 Hey Guys! So we've done it again - we've tricked someone into nominating us!! (high fives all round - HAHA SUCKERR!!) Okay, now in all honesty, thank you so much Wamby for nominating me for … Continue reading Liebster Award #3

Talks with a Teen #7

DISCLAIMER - Hey guys! I actually wrote this as a guest post for my awesome friend Sera @avocadothoughts but I thought the meaning  of it was pretty cool so I thought I'd post it here too! -If everyone spoke their mind, would the world be a better place?   Now - first of all, I'd … Continue reading Talks with a Teen #7

Goodbye 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHES... (23 DAYS TOO LATE) I's basically February now butttt anyways, I apologise for the late post but the meaning is all the same! I hope you're all having a wonderful New Year and you better have not broken any of your resolutions! (yeah thats right I'm talking to you there … Continue reading Goodbye 2018