Junior Year At My Dream School! – an update

HEYYYYYY ALLL, Yesssss, you're all probably wondering - "wow. am I really seeing this? is this real? Did Alex just post? no. fucking. way."\ Well YES PEOPLE. I did in fact. just post. IM SORRY FOR GOING M.I.A AGAINNNN (for like a fucking month wow) Also, thanks for 350 followers while I was away!! Now I … Continue reading Junior Year At My Dream School! – an update

A lil’ Comeback

Heyyy I KNOW!! YOU HAVENT HEARD THAT IN A WHILE NOW HAVE YA? WELL I'M BACK FUCKERS AND I MISSED YOU ALLLL. HOW ARE YOU?? Anyways, sorry for going M.I.A AGAIN but I feel like I've got to do it a least a few times a year to spice up a few things right?? Also, … Continue reading A lil’ Comeback