The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

(header image from Bayance) Hey Dudes, Now this is LONGGGG overdue but I'm gonna do it anyways alright?? Now we've been tagged by the awesome BAYANCE to do the new Mysterious Would You Rather Tag which I am SUPERR excited to do sooo let's just get into it before I go of on a massive tangent assss … Continue reading The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

The Social Media Blog Tag

*header image from diversion300* Hey guys!! So a while back, we were nominated for a tag by none other than the lovely Wamby - thanks dude. All of you go check out her blog right now because she's fucking amazing and funny and sweet and awkward like me so how could you NOT love her?? … Continue reading The Social Media Blog Tag

The Sisterhood Tag

Hey dudes, So today we've been tagged in the (fairly new but still fairly awesome) Sisterhood Tag by the awesome Bayance! Go check out her blog (I mean you probably already have but whatever😂) I'll leave the link on her name so there are literally no excuses...I'm watching... Okay so before I go off on … Continue reading The Sisterhood Tag


Hey Guys! So I'm finally getting around to doing some of the tags and awards that I've been nominated for and I thought I'd start off this one! I'd like to give a MASSIVE shout out to Tamsin once again for tagging me! Love you dude - everyone go and check out her blog because … Continue reading TMI Tag