I did it again.

June 4th 2018 - Monday I did it again. Exactly 105 days ago from when I let you guys all in on my secret. The dirty little sin I used to commit every single day...I did the exact same thing again. I forced myself to throw up every ounce of food that I've eaten today … Continue reading I did it again.

Officially Diagnosed

Hey all, So recently I've been feeling a little down (you may not know because I pre wrote most of my posts a while ago) but I finally know why now. So yesterday, I met up with my therapist/psychologist and she did a few tests and told me what was up with me. I've always … Continue reading Officially Diagnosed


Hey Guys! So I'm finally getting around to doing some of the tags and awards that I've been nominated for and I thought I'd start off this one! I'd like to give a MASSIVE shout out to Tamsin once again for tagging me! Love you dude - everyone go and check out her blog because … Continue reading TMI Tag

My Take on Love

(Hey would you look at that - more sensitive language) Hey Guys, Can I quickly just start out by saying how overrated love is?? Now trust me, I'm not just saying that because I've never been there...actually that's pretty much exactly my reasoning behind this. Don't take this to heart is what I'm essentially trying … Continue reading My Take on Love