My Summer Story – a poem

Will you be my summer story?-

Because when you feel something and really feel it, there is no greater feeling.

After years of waiting and nothing coming, I NEED you to say yes.

I want to hold your hand as we stroll through the park – happier than happy

Eating fresh vanilla ice cream as the crunchy sprinkles overtake our mouths.


– – – –

Will you be my autumn darling?

Because self care for me isn’t just drinking enough water and going to bed early.

It’s being with you and hearing your voice ring in my ear

Taking me to lands unknown

I want to hear your tan boots crunch against the orangey leaves

And see then bounce back like memory foam.

You are all of my memories.

– – – –

Will you be my spring bud?

My honeysuckles and daffodils rolled into one

Your sweet fragrance overtaking my senses.

I want to see you enjoying the motions.

Tangy mango and cherries ripe in the air

And cool to the touch

It’s what you do to me


 – – – –

Will you be my winter angel? 

My snow cone partner in crime

My pumpkin eating contest and hotdog buying counterpart

The carrot to my steamy coals on our snowman of love

It will never melt

Just like this

Will you be mine?

send this to a loved one💞

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