Golden Rain – The ‘Love Letter’ Series

(based on a poem by jungkook -) 

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I met you in the golden time….

sometimes i ponder on your existance

how after all of the years on this earth, we have been fortunate enough to be-

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in the same time period.

the God’s must have aligned and though of the best combination to create greatness.

Oh how they must’ve laughed and giggled

and though back to all the meaninglessness in the world and how they wanted a change.

they wanted the peaceful jitters of a Saturday afternoon

they chirping of the birds laying on the widow’s rocking chair.

all was right.

you see, it’s funny the things we run from

we spend hours and hours, days and days,

hiding from the little mysteries that we bury deep inside

but there’s no use – we just bury them further and further inside

and there’s nothing left and all you are is… a liar


never seeing the real


instead, you’re a misfit, thrown together underneath the southern Californian sun

until all that’s left is…golden rain

i met you in the golden time

you changed my life –

for that special someone –

love – A

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