My Sweet Sixteen Bucket List

Hey Guys!!

Welcome back to my channelllll (too cringe? I’ll stop)

Anyways, a while back I think I told you guys that my friend Nikki and I made a summer bucket list anddddd –

we did absolutely nothing on it

and that’s annoying ! sooooo I feel like if I post it on here for all of you to see, then I’ll be more obliged to follow through with it and actually get some stuff done! So without further adieu, here is the list of things that I would like to do in my 16th year of life. (btw I turned 16 in July!)

1. Have a Sunset Photo ShootImage result for sunset tumblr

I ALWAYS see them on Tumblr and on Emma Chamberlains Instagram and they seem pretty fun and I wanna try!

2. Have a Pizza Party

I love pizza. I like parties – whats not to love??

3. Make a Home Movie

I actually kinda started this one but it’s legit half finished – procrastinator much?

4. Go Camping

You know, minus the bugs and shit😂

5. Have a movie/netflix marathon

6. Have a picnic

7. Climb a mountain

8. Go thrifting

9. Go to a farm

10. Visit the beach

11. Make slime (idk why but I’ve always wanted to😂)

12. See a psychic

13. Get tonnes of piercings

14. Go to the zoo

basically –  BE A BASIC ASS BITCH!😂

But on a real note, I wanna get out more! The other day I went to my second real party (the first one being around this time last year! Check it out here) and this one was a MILLION times more intense for sure. don’t worry, you’ll be getting a storytime soon!


SOOO thats about it for this blog post! I’ll probably go back to regular blogging this week! Lemme know what kinda content you’re all up for seeing!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post (ps, collab with me!) and I’ll see you all very soon with the next one!

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