The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

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Hey Dudes,

Now this is LONGGGG overdue but I’m gonna do it anyways alright??

Now we’ve been tagged by the awesome BAYANCE to do the new Mysterious Would You Rather Tag which I am SUPERR excited to do sooo let’s just get into it before I go of on a massive tangent assss usual!!!

  • Rules
    1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to the original post 
    2. Answer the would you rather questions.
    3. Nominate 5-10 people. (yeahhh, I’m gonna do how ever many I feel like doing again hehe)
    4. Pick one of the three themes that the person who nominated you left for you and ask 10 would you rather questions based on the theme (feel free to use google!)
    5. Pick out three themes for your nominees to ask questions based on (try to make them relevant and seasons, marriage and careers are good ones)
    6. Use the featured image that I used in this post and make sure to copy paste this set of rules to clear confusion.
    7. Most importantly, have fun!


  • Would you rather get to go on a one-week vacation anywhere in the world you want or go on a month-long vacation but have to stay within 200 miles of your hometown?

Definitely one week anywhere in the world!! There’s actually no question about it. I HATE my hometown and would love to get as far away from it as possible haha. Plus, if I could go anywhere in the world, I’d probably go to South Korea and marry every BTS memberrr.

  • Go to the beach and forget your towel or go to the beach and forget your sunscreen?

Forget my sunscreen for sure! I could just borrow a friends or go to a shop and get some. I am NOT gonna lie in the sand for hours and hours and be washing it out of unimaginable places DAYSS later😂.

  • Have a lemonade stand every day for a month to make extra money or do yard work for a week to get extra money?

Lemonade stand! You’d get to meet a bunch of new and interesting people. PLUS free lemonade on the job? Yes please. Yard work is boring as fuck.

  • Get stung by three bees or get a really bad sunburn?

I’ve actually never been stung by a bee before but recently, I actually had my first experience being stung by a WASP so if it’s ANYTHING like being stung by a bee then HELL NO – I’d gladly take the sunburn please.

  • Would you rather have to go on a long hike in the woods without any socks or shoes or have to spend a day at the beach wearing your winter coat?

Beach in a winter coat. I’d rather NOT have blisters all over my feet and struggle walking for the next few weeks. Plusss, if I had to wear the jacket, I’d just wear nothing under it (ewww get your mind out of the gutter perverts!)

  • Would you rather live on a houseboat for the summer or live in a tree house?

HOUSEBOAT!! I kinda have this irrational fear of heights which I will NOT face anytime soon (don’t make meeee)

  • Would you rather have a giant slide as your mode of transportation or have a zipline as your mode of transportation?

A slide because it’a less work – all I have to do is sit down. On a Zip-line, I’d have to hold on and trust me, I have NO upper body strength 😂 (can you tell I’m lazy yet?)

  • Would you rather have beach bonfire every night or have unlimited access to a themepark every day?

Beach bonfire for sureee – more my aesthetic, plus, did I mention my fear of heights? Rollercoasters aren’t for me.

  • Have your skin turn bright blue whenever you get wet or have your hair turn neon green when you are in sunlight?

Green hair allll the way. Plus WIGS are the are trend right? I think I’d be able to pull one off. Suggestions?😂

  • Have the best summer EVER but not be able to remember it or have an ordinary summer and remember everything?

BEST SUMMER EVER AND NOT REMEMBER. Ordinary is boring. At least if I have the best summer and forget, I’d remember that it was the best and then fill in the gaps with what I’d think the best summer would be and THOSE would be my NEW memories! Get it?

Okayyyy, that’s it for my questions.

I am going to tagggg –

Questions from a teenager

Classy Asians


And I got to pick between the themes –

  • Back To School
  • Fashion
  • Love

andddd knowing me, OF COURSE I PICKED LOVE!

Sooo my questions for you guys are –

Would you rather –

  • Date continuously but never find your true love or never be able to date at all?
  • Find out your partner cheated on you but it was a one time thing and they promised to never do it again or you never find out about a long term affair?
  • Be more attractive than your partner or have them be more attractive than you?
  • Marry a funny, charismatic poor person or a boring, rude rich person?
  • None of your friends or family liked your partner or your partner never liked your family or friends?
  • Not find true love till you’re 50 or find true love, but the relationship lasts 3 years?
  • Have a picnic with your partner on an ant farm or go to the cinema to watch an extremely racist, sexist film?
  • Kiss them on your first date or not be allowed to kiss them till your one year anniversary?
  • Get dumped by text message or get dumped in front of all of your friends on your BIRTHDAY?
  • Have a partner that doesn’t love you or you not love your partner?


EDIT – okay I just realised I didn’t give you guys themes to pick for the people YOU tag so the themes are –




So thats the end of this blog post – it was super fun to write!Thanks again to the lovely bayance for tagging me and I’ll see you all again soon!



11 thoughts on “The Mysterious Would You Rather Tag

  1. Bayance says:

    OMGGG I love this!!!! It was so entertaining to read and even the ones that I didn’t choose sounded so convincing. I love heights but hate deep water so I’m not too sure how that works 😂 And omg some of my new friends LOVE BTS and it is driving me crazyyy 😂 Marry every member? What is this, your 73rd husband? 😂😂You got stung by a WASP?! I would legit die. And wdym you don’t like rollercoastersss? I LOVE ur questions dude. But wow, get dumped on text or publicly humiliated. Text is just harsh man 😂 Lovely post.

    P.S. I’m totally dragging you to a rollercoaster some day…just saying

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ~Kerys says:

    This is such a fun tag!! I loved reading your answers and omg how do you hate rollercoasters?!?? The wasp must have hurt soo bad 😂💕 Love your questions and thank you for tagging me! I’ll try and do this as soon as possible! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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