Junior Year At My Dream School! – an update


Yesssss, you’re all probably wondering –

wow. am I really seeing this? is this real? Did Alex just post? no. fucking. way.”\

Well YES PEOPLE. I did in fact. just post.

IM SORRY FOR GOING M.I.A AGAINNNN (for like a fucking month wow)

Also, thanks for 350 followers while I was away!!

Now I don’t know if any of you would have remembered to know (or care) but I started my new school (my DREAM SCHOOL) at the start of September ! Sooo it’s officially been a month since I’ve been there and SO MUCH HAS CHANGED.

I thought I’d tell you guys because you’re all sooooo not invested in my lives and I’m soooooo VERY invested in yours so lemme know how your school years have begun! Lemme know down below!

–So to make things easier, I thought I’d break it down into different categories –

  4. TRIPS
  6. WORK

and you guys can just scroll to the sections that you wanna read or find most interesting (even though I HIGHLY recommend you reading the whole thingg – yes, I AM plugging my blog on my own blog – I’m Alex the weirdo, nice to meet you.)

Anyway, lets get into it –

The First Day –

Okay, so my new school is Semi elite/posh (like its super hard to get in – the process is long guys), but it’s main aim to to essentially make it Eton 2.0. So because of this, my school is partnered up with several Private schools, like best in the country kind. Most of them are actually in the top 10 in that regard so that super cool and it also means that I’ve got a lot of great opportunities that come my way! So on the first day of school, it was kind of just a paperwork day, full of stiff like getting locker keys (I got one right at the top WOOOO) getting folders, timetables, taking pictures for our key cards and being introduced to our form tutors and tutor groups.


after all that shiz, we actually went on a trip TO one of the partner schools that was nearby and we spent the rest of the day there socialising with them and playing games and you know “mAKinG ConNEcTioNS” as they like to say. The atmosphere was a lot different to what I’m used to because everyone is sooo posh and well spoken and well…RICH. Like altogether there was probably a net worth of AT LEAST £10 million. But it was really funnn, they were super nice and my friends got some of their snapchats to keep in touch! One of them wants to throw her 17th birthday in one of their mansions haha. Anywayyyy there was this one ANNOYING stuck up boy who actually DID go to Eton so that was…interesting. Moving on! –

Teachers –

Okay so lets go through my subjects –

English – Okay so I’ve got two teachers for this subject and I loveeeee my first teacher – let’s call him Mr Great. Anyway, Mr Great is so nice to me and actually gives me really good feedback on what I need to improve (urgh I wish I could go back to being smart haha)

My second teacher on the other hand…yeah he’s a bit of a handful. Let’s call him Mr. Annoying. He’s also the teacher in charge of running the Art House Film Club which OF COURSE I joined (aspiring film producer here) and he’s not taking ANY of my film suggestions which kinda sucks – we’ve been stuck watching his boring films for the past 4 weeks which are pretty boring if I do say so myself. But oh well, I’m really trying to do well this year so I’ll try my best to ignore it!

Government/Politics – Alright so my first teacher is an absolute maniac. Like literally. He’s probably the craziest person that I have ever met in my entire 16 years of life – NOT exaggerating. At first, I really liked him – he had such a passion for politics that it was inspiring. But then he started being rude to my class and I and even told me that “if I didn’t want to put 100% effort into politics then why did I pick the class?” and I was like okay wtffff, chill out dude, nothings THAT serious.

OMG UPDATE – Today, we was such a total ass to me. He told me to drop his class, basically saying that I wasn’t good and that I never will be when I legit got one of the highest grades in his class?? Ummm deluded maybe?? Anyway, I legit hate him.

My second Politics teacher is a GREEK GOD. An ADONIS. A KING. He is SO hot that I feel like Aria from Pretty Little Liars. I mean, he was the teacher that I had my interview with and the one that sent me a postcard saying that it was really good. This guy gave me strength and now I get to see him for 6 hours every two weeks?? YES PLEASE. I like his classes a lot better than my first teachers because we always end up learning a lot more!

Psychology – Alright so I’m pretty sure that this is the only class where I actually like BOTH of my teachers. They’re both really nice and understanding and I feel like I’ll end up getting good grades in this subject! We had an exam recently and I honestly think that I did quite well! I get the results tomorrow so I guess we’ll seee. (okay update: I got my test back and I got a fucking A whattttt????)

History – Alright so history was one of the subjects that I HATED last year and I never would have imagined that I would take it again this year but for some reason here I am! It’s actually been going quite well (I got an A in my history exam too ahhhhhh) My first teacher is super funny, nice and helps me alot and my second one is kinda condescending and a little bit passive…idk it’s weird but I had a talk with him recently and he told me I have a lot of potential so that’s why he’s a bit harder on me than everyone else so I’m gonna try my best to do as well as I can and stop him being super annoyinggg!

Extra Clubs/Sports –

Okay so my school has TONNES and I mean TONNES of extra curricular activities open to us so I decided to join the Film Club. I’ve already explained it bit above but overall out of 10 I’d give it a solid 4.

I also joined Yoga which is AMAZING. It’s soooooo much fun!! Now, I did ballet for about two years so I’m already pretty flexible and sometimes when we stretch people look at me in shock at how wide my legs can spread which is quite funny. Our instructor is really nice and we’ve been able to learn some pretty cool yoga moves! Namaste!

The last thing I joined was Street Circus Club which is basically what it sounds like, we learn CIRCUS SKILLS! Now this is my favourite of the 3 because it’s soooo much fun. In that class, I do the best cartwheels so the instructor is always making me teach the others which is a little bit awkward but I’m trying to cut down my social anxiety and this is a good way to start!! I also met this guy there who we’ll call Sammy and he’s legit the BEST. Last lesson, we were doing the titanic poses together and then we pushed us both into the foam pit face first which lowkey hurttt. He was legit just lying on top of me andddddd ummmmmm, let’s just say that’s the most physical contact I’ve ever had with a member of the opposite sex!

Friends/ Popularity-

Okay so you all already know about Sammy, now let’s go over all the other friends that I’ve made/kept so far!! –

So you probably all know Nikki? I became friend with her right at the end of the last school year and we are still friends now which is good. I also made pretty good friends with Dani who I think I’ve mentioned once before. She enrolled at our school late and got put in the same tutor group as me so we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other better and I think that she’s really cool!

I’ve also gotten a bit closer with Maddy too! She’s kind of my smoking buddy which btw, I DEfinItLey Don’t dO On A ReGUlaR BasIS (nooo I promise I actually don’t haha).

Right now, everyones kinda fallen out with Lynn (loongggggg story – for another post!)

I also made friends with another girl from my old school that I never really spoke to before who we’ll call Caitlyn.

Myself, Nikki, Cait and Dani have gotten especially close and we pretty much spend most of our time together at School (we’re going to a Fright Night theme park this halloween!) and we even created a group chat called Burn Book – Mean Girls anyone? Anyways, yeah we’re weird fsjsdndnc.

Now in terms of popularity, on a scale of one to 10, I would say I’m a solid 8 1/2. CRAZY RIGHT?? I mean, it was legit the OPPOSITE in my old school. I don’t know what to say! Everyone at this school is so nice and friendly and I’ve already gained at least 50 more Instagram followers😂. Buttt, I’m taking each day as it goes and maybe I’ll make even more great friends!!

Trips –

Alrighttt, so far, we’ve been to one of the top 3 (guess which one down below!) universities in the WORLD for an open day which was fucking AWESOME.

We also went to visit the schools we were partnered with and I got allocated to an all boys boarding school in the middle of nowhere (living the dream huh?) Let’s just say I met my future husband no.4 there😂

My history teacher is planning a trip to Boston for my class so we can see where the Boston Massacre happened which is AWESOME.

I got picked to go on a trip soon to see the deans of some of the top US universities INCLUDING HARVARD MY DREAMMMMMMMMMMMM so I cannot wait to make connections with them!!!


Romance/Crushes –

Okayyyyy we ALL knew this was coming. New school means new romances. And boyyyy I’ve got ALOT going on!! Ugh I don’t even know where to start with this one. OKAY SO –

  • My history teacher – yeahhhh, I’m legit in love with this guy. He’s so nice and funny and treats me like a queen (yeah I’m definitely exaggerating here) but he makes me feel like Aria (he’s definitely my Ezra). One lesson, he told me my name was beautiful – WHATTTT??
  • Okay now this next one is a bit complicated. So when I first went to the school (AGES BEFORE I enrolled ) I went with Lynn to the open days and I saw this guy in the year above that I thought was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and Lynn thought he was UGLY – SO SOMEBODY PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHY SHE IS NOW DATING HIM??? I find that SO disrespectful because she KNEW that I liked him and yet chooses to flaunt their relationship around me?? NOT OKAY
  • So this one is about a boy that we’ll call Tommy. He’s also in the year above and I thought he was absolutely AMAZING. Smart, funny, driven – basically my perfect guy. Thing is….he’s got a BOYFRIEND. I’m so sadddd because I wanna be his boyfriendddd (even though I’m a girl –  don’t be getting any ideas 😂). But yeah, THAT particular love story was over before it even begun.
  • This last one is a bit more realistic. His name (for this post ) is Adam and I genuinely get the feeling that he’s going to be my boyfriend. The problem is, I don’t find him attractive at all. But he has the BEST personality of all time. We talk all day at school, we text – I mean the other day, we were up till like 5 in the morning talking. Idk why but I just get the feeling you know? LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK DOWN BELOW!!

Work –

Okay so I’m genuinely] being 100% serious when I say this butttt –


Its been like a MONTH WTF?

On the last day of term on Friday, I has so much homework to carry home that my shoulder was DYINGGG.

But the good news is that everything that I’ve done so far has been of a great standard. My teachers are giving me special shoutouts in class, I’m getting As on assignments – I guess hard work DOES pay off (tell that to my end of last year exam grades💀)

Overall Impressions –

Out of 10, I’d give it a solid 9. Like I think it’s soooo amazing and it’s only the beginning !!

Hopefully it only gets better!!

That’s gonna be it for this blog post! (yeah, this is hella long sorry  – comment ‘COOKIE” if you’ve read this far!) How is the start of your school year going? lemme know! I can’t wait to read all about it!

Since its the holidays, I’ve got quite a bit more free time so I’ll DEFINITELY be posting more frequently !!



Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

3 thoughts on “Junior Year At My Dream School! – an update

  1. Bayance says:

    YOU’RE BACK! I missed you bro wth 😤 Anyways, AAH I’m so glad your new school is going great. First of all, why are you in love with like 50 new guys? That boy you met at the boarding school was def number 117. Tbh you’re probably gonna meet great and mature guys but I advise you against a boyfriend because it’s a waste of time and it’ll probs get overwhelming but hey, I can’t do anything to stop you. 🤷 GURL NO TEACHERS PLEASE 😂😂 We don’t want an Archie – Miss Grundy relationship 😂 I joined film club too! I can’t wait to start filming short films and trying out for contests. I have a trip next week to a film workshop ayee. I’m glad you’re doing well in school and that you’re making new friends. Gurll omg Harvard best wishes for that. 💗 Loved reading this and I’m too lazy to update twice so you’ll just have to stay tuned for October wrappers 😂 Great postt and COOKIE 🍪


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