A lil’ Comeback

Heyyy I KNOW!! YOU HAVENT HEARD THAT IN A WHILE NOW HAVE YA? WELL I'M BACK FUCKERS AND I MISSED YOU ALLLL. HOW ARE YOU?? Anyways, sorry for going M.I.A AGAIN but I feel like I've got to do it a least a few times a year to spice up a few things right?? Also, … Continue reading A lil’ Comeback

Thank You For Everything, Love Alex.

Hey All, No I'm not leaving the¬†Blogosphere if the title was freaking you all out a little bit. I'm here to talk to you guys all about my latest post and this post here (you should probably check them out before continuing on with this post (I've left links on the words "post") Needless to … Continue reading Thank You For Everything, Love Alex.

Just a Ghost

sometimes I wonder if I'm real. If people genuinely don't see me or notice me or even just acknowledge my existence or if I'm actually invisible and there is nothing to notice I wonder if they hear me breathing or even just hear my cries for help and if they choose to ignore me or … Continue reading Just a Ghost