Italy Travel Log

Hey Guys!

So I remember telling you guys before that my mother let me pick where we would get to go on holiday and I can’t remember if I told you guys or not but I finally decided on going to Italy – cool right?? Anyway, we went a few weeks back and it was AMAZING so naturally, OF COURSE I had to share my experience with you all – let’s get into it

Okay so first let’s start with the plan ride – it was only around 3 hours but we had a slight delay for some reason so it took a little bit longer to get everyone seated. I was sat next to my mother and once again being the little wuss that I am got terrified and gripped onto her arm as we took off. The take off was fine I guess but about halfway through I SWEAR we were falling. I don’t care what anybody says, I am completely convinced that the pilot was not in control of the plane and we were slowly but surely dropping. By some strange MIRACLE, we didn’t die and I’m here writing this post for you – yay!!

Anyway, this was the food on the plane –

img_7367.jpgPretty damn plain right??

Anyway, we finally arrived and it was pretty hot –  but definitely not as hot as it was last year in Dubai  – now THAT was crazy (check it out here!)

Once we got off of the plane, since our hotel was on an island, we had to take a water bus to get there. Once we got to the station, we got on and it was about an hour “bus” (boat) ride to the island we were staying on.

When we got to the hotel, the bell boys helped us with our stuff and we went to the front desk, got our keys yada yada yada and then while my mother went to the room, I stayed out for a bit and THIS was the view – be prepared for awesomeness  –

2018-07-04 09:23:37.363AMAZING RIGHT? It was honestly so pretty I couldn’t deal.

Once we got settled it, we went out to look around the town on the island and I found a tonne of gelato shops and pizza places – it was AWESOME.

We passed lots of little magazine stands too  – check it out –

I ended up buying a few souvenirs for my friends and some cool graphic t-shirts for moi – I’m finally realising how much I like to shop haha.

After that, we went to the beach and as I was laying down on a beach lounger, an HOT Italian guy came up to me and called me a “Princessa” soooo yeah, THAT was fun – too bad I was with my mother or that guy would’ve been mine😂

Okay so the next day we went grocery shopping and can I just say that Italian snacks are CHEAP AF??? Like I bought about 3times more the food that I normally get for LESS money – WHAT??  After we went out to get food and I ended up getting pasta and I swear on my LIFE it was the BEST pasta that I had ever eaten in my entire life. When I got back to England I went to the best pasta shop I know and bought the same one and it was NOTHING compared to the one in Italy – they really know their carbs don’t they?

Can I also mention that they love asking you if you want a cappuccino? I mean, at breakfast everyday I must have had at least 3 – and it was fucking amazing –

2018-07-05 09:34:24.852Did I mention that the roads and plants are gorgeous too?

It was like a dream.

The next day was spent chilling at the beach, meeting cute Italian boys and eating a shit tonne of ice cream – you could say I was living the dream haha.

Then the day after that, we took the water bus out to the main parts of Venice to go sight seeing.

Then it was the most exciting part. As you all probably know, you just CAN’T go to Italy without riding the famous GONDOLA BOATS!! And after begging my mother who’s terrified of little boats, we finally got to ride one!!!

This was the view from the boat. It all looked so authentic – the drivers (is that what you call them?) even had the stripy top and and the hats – I loved every single moment.

There was also tonnes of entertainment at night at the hotels so we sat outside when we ate dinner (which mainly consisted of tonnes of pizza, pasta, seafood and rice – we wanted to make the most of Italy I guess haha) we listened to the live performances of original songs played by guests in Italian.

There was also this one guy who was from my hotel who was BEAUTIFUL and we ended up speaking a lot because he knew quite a bit of English – but me being the wuss that I am I didn’t ask for any of his social media or his number – oh welllll

On our last day, we went to the centre of town to do a bit of last minute shopping and I ended up buying a few more bits and bobs including some lighters for my stoner friends and some calligraphy pens for my arty friends. I also bought an Italian welded glass pot to hold stuff in and a few key-rings and necklaces for my friends (aren’t they lucky to have me?😂) That shop had lots of other cool stuff too though – check it out!

Andddd that was about all the excitement I could handle for one trip! The next day we went back home and that’s where I end this post!

Comment “olive” if you’ve read this far

So that was my trip to Italy summed up in around 1000 words – I hope you liked it! What did you all think of the pictures?

How are your summers going? When do you start school again? Lemme know down below!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥



14 thoughts on “Italy Travel Log

  1. Bayance says:

    This reminds me of Love & Gelato omg 😭😭 So jealous rn and aah the photos you took are STUNNING! You better sneak me in your suitcase next time. Woww Alexa back at it again with the 67th crush 😂 I’m actually surprised that the snacks are cheap- I thought Italy was rlly expensive. I totally need to visit in the future. Olive 🍸(the olive emoji apparently 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

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