Talks With A Teen #3 (ft. Emma Rodgers)

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to Talks With a Teen! Today we are collabing with the lovely Emma Rodgers so be sure to check her out when you get the chance!

So instead of rambling (like I always do, let’s get into it!)

Todays Topic issss….

Personality matters far more than beauty

Now let’s hear what Emma thinks!

Well, when I get a transfer or visit some new place. I always try to make myself look good physically. I work so hard on my looks but even after trying a lot, I still get the same response which is nothing unusual. That is when I think that personality matters so much more than your appearance. It is only the mentality that matters to the others that you talk to.

You might look great today. You might look as if you are sweet and innocent today but if tomorrow, you go to a person and talk to him or her like a bitch then your reputation will change from that moment onwards. People will think of you as rude, arrogant, egotistical and so many more things. On the other hand, I might not look as good today, but if I complement at least three people, their opinion will change about me.

Like with your teachers at school. Only when you do something great, they will get impressed. Beauty is not skin deep it soul deep. Beauty comes only from your soul.

Today, I know what my personality refers to and it is only because I look at myself as what I have become and not how I look. Only when you look at your own personality can you define yourself.

So guys, personality matters more than anything in this world. You will get what you give even if it’s after 20 years. So keep all of this in mind.
What do you guys think of Emma’s opinion? Lemme know down below!

This is what I think –

Okay so I know that it sounds pretty harsh, but I honestly think that personality and looks matter quite equally…at the beginning.

I mean, I know it’s weird but people CHOOSE who they wanna talk to and pursue based on LOOKS and looks alone. And I think that’s only because we have nothing else to go off of based on first impressions. I mean, it’s sad but it’s true and I’m not gonna sugar coat it.

But it is your PERSONALITY that makes people wanna stay. If you’re visually appealing but you can’t hold down conversation then it’s not gonna work. Looks and personality go hand and hand together in order to produce the best of relationships – both romantic or not. I mean, you’re not gonna go out with a dickhead right? No, Exactly!  – you’re not. No matter how hot they are, if you can’t get past the personality barrier, then it’s never gonna last. Sure you could try to make it work but you can never fight the inevitable.

I love getting to know people  – learning all of their traits and habits, noticing the little things they do make it that little bit better and it becomes AMAZING if you like their personality! I mean, finding somebody who fits into both categories is super rare, but that’s what makes the possibility of it lasting even higher.

I’m not too sure if I’m making sense right now so if I’m not then please ask me to elaborate down below.

However, sometimes I feel like Personality takes a precedence over looks because of the sheer fact that it is what makes you stay. It makes you wanna stick around for the journey and enjoy more and more each day. And yes it sounds romantic but it can be used in any sort of relationship and it’s such an important factor that I cannot stress enough.

At the end of the day, the two traits go hand in hand and I’m not saying that you have to go and look a certain way to make friends or get a boyfriend or girlfriend because everyone has a preference and different ways of acting. Be yourself and meet people who like you for you. I know I say this a lot but those really are the best type of people!

Lemme know what you thought of my opinion down below!!

also, if you’d like to take part in this series then lemme know!!

Comment “lentils” if you’ve read this far

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and don’t forget to check out Emma’s blog!!

I’ll see you all in the next one!


Alex- The Awkward Expert🌺♥

12 thoughts on “Talks With A Teen #3 (ft. Emma Rodgers)

  1. Bayance says:

    Girl I am obsessed with this series (you actually didn’t abandon it like usual 😂 jk) I agree with both your views on this topic. Personality is super duper important but I also think they go hand in hand at first. Mainly in search for a future husband though. 😂 The problem is nowadays people fall for the good looking people who most of the time turn out to be jerks. So if you find someone that’s good looking AND has a great personality then there you go, jackpot. But if not, then personality and respect is far more important than someone with looks who disrespects you and brings you down. Can’t wait for more of these!
    P.S. Just had lentil soup but thanks for choosing a food that has no emoji to go with it 😭 #lentilswantjustice

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

      YAYY!! And stoppp, I never abandon series😂
      I feel like it’s the same for finding friends too😂 Everyone has a different preference.
      Right?? Tell me about it – not everything is about looks but some people just don’t get it!
      Thank youuu #lentilswantjustice😂


  2. ~Kerys says:

    Lentils! This was super interesting to read! The topic of personality or looks seems to be coming up so often and I think this post sums it up pretty well! I think both yours and Emma’s opinions are pretty sound but I think I relate to yours more. Every time I go somewhere new, I only really talk to certain people ( when I decide to talk at all!) and often it’s the people I didn’t talk to which I end up liking more! 😂😂 Great post! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Indy Watson says:

    I totally agree. My friend and I once agreed that like (in reference to guys) attractive is 50% based on their face and then 50% based on their body but once you get to know them its 50% personality, 25% face and 25% body. Agree?

    Liked by 1 person

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