Talks with a Teen

Hey all!

So things are getting quite repetitive with this blog and to switch things up, I thought that I might do what I do best – start new series and never finish them!!!!!! (YAYYYYYY – WHO’S EXCITED????)

Anyway, this doesn’t mean I’m forgetting my old series I forgot about those ages ago. I’ll still be updating those when I feel like it but this one is going to be a lot easier as I’m getting my topics frommm

206 Great Speech Topics For Teens!!

But I’m not gonna give a speech or anything like that cause that’s too corny and not my style so instead, I’m just gonna be giving you guys my opinions on the topics that are on this website. I’m not gonna do it in order so its KINDA of a mystery so HA!

It’s split into 2 sections – informative and persuasive so the topics are gonna vary from time to time but this should be alot of fun!

I’d also REALLY like some of you guys to give your opinions too so if you’d like to be a part of this series, email me and I’ll let you know the topic for that particular blog post and you can write a piece and I’ll feature it on here!! This is welcome to ANYONE so do be shy and drop me an email!! (wow, I’m way too excited huh?)

Lemme know what you guys think of this idea and PLEASE EMAIL MEEE!! (I’m lowkey desperate 😂)

I’ll see you all in my next blog post !


Alex – The Awkward Expert 🌺♥


27 thoughts on “Talks with a Teen

  1. Emmarodgers. A long journey of mine. says:

    I think this idea is great, you will get to share so much and we will be able to listen to you and reply to you whenever we want to

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