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Hey guys!!

So a while back, we were nominated for a tag by none other than the lovely Wamby – thanks dude. All of you go check out her blog right now because she’s fucking amazing and funny and sweet and awkward like me so how could you NOT love her??

She picked me for the “~Snapchat~ A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for” which is such a massive surprise (I’m getting emotional)

Anyway, I guess that means that it’s officially MY turn to let you all know my pick for these categories – lets get into it.


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose a blogger or blog to nominate for each category and explain why you chose them
  • Tag other bloggers ( as many as you like )

Like Wamby, I’m gonna nominate the people who I tag for each category.


~Instagram~ A blog with a design you love


This one was actually pretty easy for me to pick because my best blogging friend Indy’s blog is so fucking aesthetic that it blows my mind. Like you HAVE to go check it out (tell her I sent you 😉 ) But yeah! It looks super cool and deserves more recognition so that’s why I picked this one.  She’s currently in Malaysia right now so she won’t see this anytime soon but dude…I’m still thinking bout ya!

~Facebook~ A blog with a friendly blogger   


Elm and Abby Marie are like the friendliest bloggers on the planet. I mean, Elm is legit one of the first bloggers that commented on my blog and actually made me feel like I belong on this blogging platform and when I’m down, Abby Marie always asks me how I am and gives the best advice. I’ve never met anybody so caring and understanding on this blogging platform that even compares to these two so they deserve huge props.

~Twitter~ A blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

twitterThis one was SOOOOOO easy that I didn’t even have to think about it. I 1000000% think it would be Rayan @TheSightOfAConfusedTeen because he is legit the King of wittiness and sarcasm and what more could I ask of in a blogger? His posts never fail to either amuse me, make me think or just astound me and EVERYONEEEE needs to check him out because if you don’t, it’s a hell of a loss on your part.

~Youtube~ A blog which keeps you entertained

This one was fairly easy. Bayance is perhaps the funniest blog EVERR. She was my first proper blogging friend (its almost our anniversaryyy – #BayalexForever) and she has got some of the best content of all time. Seriously – it’s insane and it never fails to make me laugh, from the grandma jokes to the struggles – I feel you girll. Go check it out!!

~Snapchat~ A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

snapchatThis one goes toooooo – Classy Asians . I LOVE their blog so much. They LOVE BTS too just like me so that’s what makes it even better for me! I get super excited when they post and try to read them as soon as I can and so should all of you!! Check them out – you won’t be disappointed.

~Tumblr~ A blog which is very diverse and has variety

tumbrlThis one goes to Lau because her content is soo different in every post. Although it is mainly beauty related, she covers so many different aspects that I can’t wait to discover overtime I read her blog posts. We actually did a collab together a while back if you wanna check it out here and in this she tried out a new blogging style which furthermore showcases her diversity!!

I also thought Ana Regina @Diversion3000 deserves this too because she legit does EVERYTHING on that blog of hers and is one of the only bloggers that can actually pull off doing that many and for that, she’s AMAZING. My personal fave series is her Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition which you all HAVE to check out

~Pinterest~ A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

pineAnd last but definitely not least is…..Fiona @QuestionsFromATeenager. I love love love love love LOVEEEEE her and her blog Soo much. Not only is it full if creativity with all of the series and sections, but it inspires me everytime she posts to become a better blogger. For me personally, she’s the coolest blogger EVER ( I mean, she must be since we’re soul sisters) and so relatable to every situation which means she gives the best advice. If there’s anyones blog you check out from this post, it’s GOT to be hers – and that’s an order!

Okay so that’s it! I love all of the blogs mentioned and many more and I can’t wait for other people to fall in love with them too! (if they don’t already)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another!!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

27 thoughts on “The Social Media Blog Tag

  1. Ana Regina says:

    I loved this post!!! Congrats on getting tagged!!! 😀
    And thank you so much for what you said about me, those kind words mean a lot to me!!! I’m glad you like my Never Have I Ever, it makes me so happy!!!!!
    Hugs! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Springday1997 says:

    Reblogged this on Classy asians w/ big dreams and commented:
    OMGGGGGGGGGG! You are one of the sweetest people we have came across through this blog. You are always soooooo positive and always manage to comment and like every single blog of ours. We are SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOOOOO honored to receive a place in your social media blog tag. You are one of our biggest fan and motivations. Having a follower on the blog as sweet as you, brings our blog happiness!!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. questionsfromateenager says:

    First of all, HI SOUL SISTER I MISSED YOU ON HERE. How can you be this sweet to me?! You are the freaking cutest person ever. (Seriously, I feel like I won a contest or something haha.)

    I am definitely going to check out the other blogs you mentioned in this post, they all sound wonderful. A big virtual hug goes out to you ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Emmarodgers. A long journey of mine. says:

    Congrats on getting tagged. I wish I get tagged like you one day. Anyways congrats and wish you best of luck in the future. Also, the post was amazing 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Elm says:

    *SCREAMS* THANK YOU!!!! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS MEANS THE WORLD!! 🙂 And AHHH I love Lau and Abby and BAYANCE YEE!!! I need to check out some new blogs *runs off*

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bayance says:

    GURLLLL WHAT TYSMMM!! Yasss it’s almost our Bayalex friendship anniversary (Bayalex sounds like a sports store. 😂) I remember binge-reading your posts at like 4 in the morning. 😂 Our comment threads were pretty lit (ew did I just say lit?) Can’t wait to do this tag and check out the new bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

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