Talks With A Teen #2 (ft. Wamby)

Yo Dudes, Andddd welcome back to another Talks with a teen!! Did ya miss it?? I know I did. Anyway, this week, our special guest isss - Wamby!! Give her all a warm welcome and the topic that we will be talking about this week is - There is no such thing as a BFF … Continue reading Talks With A Teen #2 (ft. Wamby)

Why I Freakin Love Chopsticks

(this post is random as fuck but oh well) Hey All and welcome back to this lovely place that I like to call my blog (do I sound professional yet?  - are ya proud of my mother?) So in this post, I'm gonna be doing something quite bloody random - I'm gonna be telling you … Continue reading Why I Freakin Love Chopsticks