MASSIVE life update you’ve all been waiting for

Heyyy Allll

So exams are over and I haven’t actually told/informed you of my life in quite a long time, in fact it’s pretty much been a month. So to fix that and update you all with everything, I’m gonna give you guys a run down of all of the categories of my life which may interest you and break it down into sections so you can just read whichever ones that you want to. So the sections will be –

  1. school
  2. work
  3. friends
  4. lovelife
  5. and general overview

so without further adieu, let’s get into this blog post!!

School – 

Okay, so as most of you know, I’ve had my GCSE exams that started in the middle of May which took up quite a lot of my time. I ended up managing to schedule some posts to make up for some lost time, however, I ran out of posts about 2 weeks in, meaning that for a further 3 weeks I was quite MIA (sorry bout that). But I’m happy that I get to announce that my exams are now officially over and I can get back to blogging.

I think a majority of my exams went quite well – English being the overall standout, however, shit hit the fan for a few of them and that was…interesting. Anyway, I never have to go back to my shithole of a school ever again and that means that I never have to see those people that ruined my life ever again which is great. Because it’s GCSES and they are now finished, it means that there is nothing left for us to learn so they let all year 11 across the country out of school about 6 weeks earlier than everyone else I think? So I started my summer holidays extra early so I am planning to do a shit tonne of things – any ideas on where to start?

Work – 

Okay so as I mentioned in this blog post here I finally got a Job in this little deli/café and I really enjoyed working there…for the 3 shifts that I actually showed up for. Yep, after about 3 shifts, I decided that it would be too hard for me to continue my work their AND revise for my exams so I kinda just stopped showing up. I think they got the memo though as they stopped sending me the weekly reminders for when my shifts were too….so that’s awkward.

Anyway, I am now on the hunt for a new BETTER job so I’ll keep you all in the loop and when I manage to find one that’s actually good enough, then I’ll let you all know!

Friends – 

Okay, so since the last time I’ve updated you guys, a lot has changed in this aspect of my life and it’s only fair to you that I give you all a detailed explanation, rather than just jumping into a blog post with a massive conflict of interest. Okay so first of all –

1. Lynn and I are friends again 

now if you haven’t read this post, you may not know what I’m talking about or even who Lynn is. However, if you’re an OG reader, then you’d know that once upon a time, Lynn and I were really good friends – she’d helped me through a lot of shit, however we had a falling out over something quite silly if I must admit. Plus we are going to the same sixth from next year so arguing would be so stupendously long.

Well, we both decided that what happened was stupid and decided to just put it past us and just become friends again. You see, THIS is what a healthy friendship looks like (cough cough to my past sucky friendships – Roxy, I’m looking at you). So we’ve been out a few times since then and it’s getting back to normal so yeah! That’s about it.

2. Nikki and I are now friends

So once again, if you haven’t read this post (wow, there’s going to be sooo many pingbacks on this post) you wouldn’t know that Nikki is a girl who has apparently wanted to be friends with me for a while but was just too nervous to say so. Anyway, so we both tend to stay in our school library late to revise so I’ve seen her a few times and she’s sat down next to me sometimes so we got to know each other a bit better and on one occasion we walked home together which was fun. We eventually got so comfortable with each other that we occasionally talk to each other in the playgrounds and text quite a lot.

The other day we actually went to the park with her and one of her friends (which I’ll be talking about probably in the next bullet point) and they were trying to teach me how to ride a bike (okay, okay I know I’m 15 and can’t ride a bike – sue me!) and the next day we went to the cinema to watch a horror movie which was honestly so shit I can’t even begin to fathom but let me not even get STARTED on that one.

We’ve actually created a summer bucket list that we want to complete together including some crazy things which I’ll tell you about in another post but yeah! So far, our friendship’s going pretty well and she’s coming to my sixth form too so I have a feeling we’ll be getting quite close in the near future but let’s just see how it goes for now!

3. Maddy and I are now friends too!

Okay so I VERY briefly mentioned Maddy in this post here, but she is legit one of the coolest girls everrr. I mean, not cool in a typical way if that makes sense? She’s just super chill and goes with the flow, a lot like Nikki which I think is why I’m becoming good friends with both of them. She’s actually the friend that Nikki and I went to the cinema with and showed me how to ride a bike with and we’re actually making plans to do something again soon!

She’s also kind of a stoner, but I loveee that about her because she never really takes anything to heart (at least from my experience) and just knows how to have a good time, so who knows? Maybe I’ll be making some great memories with her soon. She is ALSO going to my sixth form, so it’s going to me, her, me, Nikki and Lynn along with a few other girls going together and getting a lot closer hopefully.

4. Nadia and I are closer than ever

Nadia and I’s friendship has evolved so much over the past few months and it’s safe to say that we are completely and utterly comfortable with eachother to the point where she may aswell just be a part of my human anatomy. I mean, I’m either at her house or she’s at mine every single day and we tell each other everything.

I mean, we’ve had quite a lot of arguments about quite a lot of things which is pretty annoying but we always end up solving them, even after what feels like a while. I would call her my best friend but I’m not a massive fan of that label as it categorises things and adds loads of unnecessary expectations that don’t need to be present but yeah! As I’m writing this, things are going well between us so hopefully they stay that way – I’m not going to get my hopes up as I have a massive fear of things going wrong but I’m very excited for things to come!

5. Hallie and I are a lot closer now

So perviously, Hallie and I have not been the closest of friends. I mean, when Roxy, Hallie and I were all friends, we were all un-seperable but we kinda went out separate ways and that’s perfectly fine. But recently Hallie and I have gotten a lot closer and I’m starting to confide in her a little more. Just the other day we went on a walk by the river and it was really fun (apart from us getting ice cream everywhere)

However, she isn’t going to my sixth form so I’d love to see how things pan out between us and if we continue to stay friends in the weeks/months to come.

Love Life – 

Okayyyy soooo, nothing has really changed in this regard. I’m done with the bad boy (LONGGGG STORY). Right now, I currently don’t have a crush on anyone actually for like the first time in my life which is cool, but it gets kinda lonely being the only single one in your group of friends. Bit oh well, good things come to those who wait.

General Overview –

So all in all, life is pretty much swell. A few mishaps here and there but I’m figuring it out on the way (lizzie Maguire reference anyone?). I’m also going on holiday! Yep, that’s right, this time next week, I’ll be inn sunny Italy, specifically Venice!! I’m excited to see how it goes and I’ll be sure to document it all for you! After Venice, I’ll also be heading over to New York! So yeah, prepare for all of those amazing blog posts!


I’VE FINALLY GOT TIME TO GO TO THE GYMMMMMMM (ripped Alex is soon to come)

I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% happy because nobody ever is. But I’m aiming for at least 62% by the end of this holiday okay? I’m out.

Okayyy so that’s gonna be it for this blog post – I hope you’ve all been excited for my long awaited return and lemme know if you wanna collab for some cool shiz like that.

I’ll see you all in my next blog post!!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

ps, if anyone wants to make me a banner saying that, it would be much appreciated – it’s VERY long typing that out at the bottom of every blog post

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