Officially Diagnosed

Hey all,

So recently I’ve been feeling a little down (you may not know because I pre wrote most of my posts a while ago) but I finally know why now.

So yesterday, I met up with my therapist/psychologist and she did a few tests and told me what was up with me.

I’ve always kinda had an inkling that there was something wrong with me but I thought that it was all in my head and that I’d get over it soon. Anyway, I know most of you want me to get straight to the point so lemme just tell you what she told me –

“I’ve got major (clinical) depression and severely elevated anxiety”


Now I was honestly kinda shocked to hear this because even though I’ve been feeling down lately, I’ve still been doing way better than I was a couple of years ago (or so I thought)

Now I don’t really know what to do with this information or how to process it or anything but I’m trying to stay positive (says this after laying in bed crying my eyes out for no apparent reason)

I don’t know, everything is going wrong lately (I’ll explain in a later post) and I just can’t seem to put a positive spin on things.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this – I guess I just wanted you all to know and do with this information whatever you please to do with it.

See you all in my next post –


9 thoughts on “Officially Diagnosed

  1. Indy Watson says:

    Dude. Honestly. At least you have a name for it now. The end of last year I went to a physcologist because I thought I had OCD. I didnt. But I did have obsessive compulsive tendencies, which was explained to be being like being depressed but not actually having depression in relation to ocd. And it felt better knowing i was half right and I wasnt just strange.

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  2. Cee says:

    Heyyyy… We both don’t know each other very well but I have seen friends who suffered the same thing (depression) and I’d say it’s really smthing that’s not cured overnight. Just wanna say that in this battle you have people who believe in you and who are praying for your fast recovery. 🙂 Stay strong!

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  3. questionsfromateenager says:

    I’m sorry dude. That sucks. Just like Indy wrote, at least you can put a label on it now. That doesn’t necessarily make it any better, but hey, now that you know what’s it is, you also have the option to be treated for it if you wish to do so. Everyone’s different in that aspect and you’ll just have to try and experiment to see what suits you best.

    And honestly, nothing has really changed accept that you know what it is – that won’t define you if you don’t want it to. Mental illness is not WHAT we are, it’s a part of us (sadly). But it doesn’t make up our entire being and never will. You’re strong, Alex, you really are and I KNOW that you will push through this. You’ll be okay.

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  4. saachijain987 says:

    hey. don’t say that you will become better. do one thing, surround yourself with positive people or maybe talk to someone you think you trust and tell them about whatever your feeling

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