Unique Ways To Describe Me Tag

Hey Guys!

So today, we’re back with another tag – I’m probably in the middle of a GCSE right now…(this is a scheduled post in case you didn’t get that – anyway wish me luck!)

I’ve been tagged by the lovely City Of Quiet who’s blog is pretty awesome so everyone go and check it out! I’ll be watching…

Anyway, this one is quite straightforward so let’s get into it!

  • What two candies describe your personality. Why?

The first one would probably be a Caramel Galaxy Chocolate bar


that’s because loads of people think I’m rude and kind of a hard shell to crack, but once you crack it, I’m legit just soft and gooey – I promise (despite the manner of my blog posts).

The other would probably be Malteasers

malt balls

Because who doesn’t love malteasers? Okay now I’m hungry..

  • You can only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want others to know about you? 

Everybody(me) gets high sometimes you know,

What else can you do when you’re feeling low (well, there’s actually a lot more I could do but..)

– Justin Bieber (I hate the guy but damn, does he have some good songs)

  • What movie is literally your life?

Well, if there were a movie about my life, then my life wouldn’t be very unique would it?

ahh gotcha.

  • What season describes your view of life? 

Summer as where I live, it’s meant to be happy and sunny all of the Tim but guess what it’s like? Rain, rain, and more fucking rain.

  • What scent holds memories for me?

I love the smell of wood because I realised that I just wanna be around it all the time. Whenever I go to a park or something I just feel so calm and at home ant I know it’s the place whee I wanna be. I want my future house to have tonnes and tonnes of trees.

Okay that was it – now it’s my turn to tag:

I pick –

  1. Accidental Aspirationalist 
  2. The Site of a Confused Teen
  3. Sadie the Wallflower

The questions are the same as those used above! I hope you guys do it – even if you weren’t tagged!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon in the next one!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

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