‘My Dear Melancholy’ – The Album Review of the Century


Hey All,

So as you all know, The Weeknd (AKA: the love of my life)’s album came out as few days ago and I am completely and utterly obsessed with it because…how could you not be?

I am also utterly obsessed with him so you guys GOTTA check out his Coachella (urghh I wish I was there) performance because it is FUCKING AWESOME.

Okay, I’m going off topic – without further adieu, let’s get into the album (or technically EP) review.

1. Call Out My Name

OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS SO FUCKING GOOD. Since this is the first one on the album, it’s the first one that I heard and I legit died and came back to life because of how amazing it is. It’s just such a beautiful song about loving and losing and as much as I want to think that it’s NOT about Selena (yeah…we don’t really talk about her over here), it most likely is and this song shows all of the hidden heartbreak and torment and pain and urghhh, just listen to it!

2. Try Me

This song became my anthem even though I honestly can’t relate to it in anyway whatsoever…that’s normal right? Anyway, I blasted this song through my speakers day and night and I’m honestly confused as to why my neighbours haven’t called the cops yet because I would call them on myself if it didn’t mean going to jail. I just love the message it gives. I REALLY think this one is about Bella Hadid (*cough*Abella for life*cough*) and I’m so fucking glad because they NEED to get back together ASAP (well if he and I break up obviously)

3. Wasted Times

Now this one I know for SURE is about Bella. I mean “wasted times, I spent with someone else (Selena) – she wasn’t even half of you” (Bella is way better bitch). I mean it literally screams “BELLA I LOVE YOU, TAKE ME BACK”. This song is such a smooth jam with sooo many amazing lyrics and I his voice is so beautiful in this. When I first listened to the album, this was automatically my favourite because the title kinda reminded me of Roxy. How I wasted so much time with her and how I no longer “have business catching feelings” for ANYONE anymore. One of my faves, check it out –

4. I Was Never There ft. Gesaffelstein

This is actually Nadia’s favourite song. I have to admit, I didn’t really like it due to the kinda techno feel? I don’t know if that’s what it is but that’s how I would describe it. I don’t know, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now I blast this shit every morning and am singing along like an OG fangirl (which I am). I love the message and it really reminded me of his old music – back in the mixtape days (if any of you guys know what I’m talking about, just know you a real one) and I LOVED the mixtape, so it made sense that this song is now awesome to me. One thing I love about this album is how raw his emotions are – like he’s not holding anything back and it makes me feel even closer to him due to the fact that he shares so much with us.

5. Hurt You ft. Gesaffelstein

This one is so beautiful that it actually made me cry a little. His high notes are truly hypnotic and put me in a trance every time I listen to this masterpiece. It shows how well  he would treat his girl and how amazing he is and beautiful and *sigh* is it obvious that I  love him with all of my heart. This one also has kind of a techno feel – I think it’s because of Gesaffelstein who is also featured in “I was never there”. He adds a really nice feel to the song and really makes the beat sound amazing.

6. Privilege

This is by far my absolute favourite song on this album and maybe even potentially my favourite song of his of all time. I love the autotuned part of the chorus which just makes it sound so synthesised and beautiful and the high notes running through the background just add to the amazing feel of escapism. It also pisses me off that this is the shortest song on the album and I just want it to be longer because when it’s over I miss his voice so badly. I love listening to this song on full blast with my eyes closed when I’m just vibing out and it just takes you to another universe. Its truly a work of art.

Okay, that’s all of the songs in the album – yes, I’m sad too. It is my favourite album at the moment which is breaking a shit tonne of recored right now which I couldn’t be more happy about. This EP deserves even more recognition and you guys should really check it out if you haven’t already, I mean, I legit put the songs above so you have no excuse. Its also available on every streaming device so download it!!

Also, what do you think about him hanging out with Chantel Jeffries at Coachella?? Lemme tell you – I am NOT a fan of him hanging out with anyone who is not called ISABELLA KHAIR HADID (yes, that is her real name – google it if you don’t believe me). I just don’t see that working out. Plus I heard that she’s has a pretty dangerous past… all I’m saying is Abel better be pretty damn careful around her and be cautious okay dude?

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

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