Holiday Fun (well…maybe)

Hey Guys!

So as you all know (or you all SHOULD know), my birthday is slap bang in the middle of the summer. Since I was born in July, I’ve never really had a birthday party or a big gathering or anything like that, so to make up for it, my mother normally takes me on holiday…a holiday of HER choice.

Well this year, it’s my turn.

She told me that I could pick where I wanted to go this year for my birthday since I’m going to be turning 16 and honestly, I’m feeling a little pressurised. I mean I really want to go on holiday but I’m going with my mother…I don’t know, I just feel like I won’t have as much fun or freedom if that makes sense?

Anyway, I still need to think of somewhere to go, which is where you lucky guys come in.

I need help. Where should I go?

I mean, she gave me the choice of anything so I would say that literally anything…anything at all would help. I don’t know, I just don’t know what to do or where to go or what to see.

I know I have a list of places I wanna visit…I just don’t wanna visit them with her. Do I sound crazy? I just feel like the trips would be better if I were to go alone or with my friends or just…not with her.

Anyway – give me suggestions (and where in that particular county and what there is to do would be awesome too)!!!


14 thoughts on “Holiday Fun (well…maybe)

  1. Indy Watson says:

    Australia. Like Sydney or Melbourne. Or ever my favourite: Newcastle. You can climb the Harbour Bridge, swim at Bondi, see Kangaroos and Koalas, and eat Vegemite and Lamingtons. 10/10 would visit again.

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  2. QueenTeen says:

    I TOTALLY get what you mean about your mother…like, I’m just tryna have fun and here you are telling me I can’t buy ice cream (or whatever)? It would be SO much more fun by myself or with friends.
    Japan is pretty cool, ngl. New York too. I guess I’m a city kinda girl, it really depends what kind of scenery you’re going for. Good luck! x


  3. Bayance says:

    I would say Paris but you went a bunch of times already (*cough*withoutme*cough) So the next option would obviously be Canada so we can meet up – oh wait I didn’t glow up yet.😂 Okay hmm how about Italy? The food there seems incredible. This is so hard.

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  4. avocadothoughts says:

    It’s so cool that you get this oppurtunity!! I’ve been to Japan a couple of times(and headed back this summer!!) and that is so much fun but I’d think it’s much more difficult if you can’t speak Japanese. I guess that’s true of any country. If you don’t really want to do these things with your mom maybe focus on other aspects like food? Or I know Tokyo has some other cool stuff like owl/cat/dog cafes and I think it’d be an experience to see those. There’s so much to choose from! Just remember that you can visit a place twice. Maybe you could go and get the scoop on all the cool/good restaurants and be able to show your friends the next time:)
    I’m so excited for you☺️

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    • Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

      Wow, Japan seems so amazing, it’s definitely in my top 2 places to visit…I mean I just have to – Cherry Blossom Trees? Yes.
      Wow it sounds amazing – I have so many options now I just don’t know what to do!😂
      Thank you so much!

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  5. Wamby says:

    How about Italy or Greece or maybe Japan or Malaysia? I dunno. I mean they’re all beautiful countries and ofc, THE FOOD!!! I would say Brunei but it’s so freaking hot at the moment. I don’t want you melting ur eyeballs out.

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  6. Jade rainbow says:

    It’s pointless for me to even comment cause like you already went to your holiday. But here’s a list of places for you to visit in the future.
    1. India!!! It seems interesting.
    2. America. *
    3. Fraaaaance!!! Even though you’ve been there!!!
    4. Indonesia!!!!!
    5. South Africa.


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