Darkness – a poem

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The dark is confusing

Yet something about it always intrigues me.

It’s how it makes you feel like anything can happen – 

how one swift motion of your eyelids can take you to a dreamland

and you can be the fairy princess that you’ve waited all your life to be

or find the guy of your dreams and fall madly in love.

And start a family

and die old and grey, warm in your bed

and you can hide from it all.

But it’s dark

and it’s quiet

and it’s lonely.

And sometimes, late at night

it can be a nightmare.

The ghouls and ghosts twisting around in your mind

plotting evil and planning mischief

making you worry for your health

 and your family

 and … everything.

They makes you worry about everything.

It can bring sadness

sadness that feels like it’s last forever

like it’s longer than the 365 days allowed in a year.

But that’s not all it is

it doesn’t last forever.

It’s a part of your life, ONE part of your life – 

the life full of chapters,

and sequels

and a future.

One that you can write – 

each day is another page

 and that book doesn’t have to end until you say it does

until you’re write the epilogue and you’re winding it down.

Not until you cross the last “t”

and dot the last “I”.

Until you close the last page ,

you can keep going – 

and if you go far enough,

you reach the resolution

the part that everyone waits for.

Where you can look in the mirror and smile.

Where the cool wind on your skin gives you goosebumps

and your heart is beating out of your chest

and your eyes are watering

and you’re happy

Finally happy

but this time it’s not a dream

you don’t have to worry that you’re gonna wake up in a few hours and forget it all

it’s real life

your life

the one with chapters and sequels and a future

the one you made for yourself.

and maybe

if you’re lucky

you’ll see light

after what feels like a lifetime of darkness.


So hey!

How’d you guys find this?

I’ve been writing this for a little while now and I think it’s finally how I want it to be.

I’ve got a speaking exam for English coming up soon so what do you think? Can I use this?

I’d try to explain my thought process but honestly – I haven’t got 500 years.

Lemme know if you like it


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