Midnight Talks #6

Hey Guys!


wow I haven’t said that in legit AGES – I’m pretty sure the last one I’ve posted one of these was in October? Anyway, most of that was due to the fact that my sleeping pattern is officially fucked up and as soon as I get home from school everyday, I fall asleep, then wake up at like 6 and then fall asleep again by like 11…I really don’t know what’s up with me.

I’m ALSO pretty sure that this isn’t the best time to be writing up a Midnight Talks because it’s 2 in the morning and I have a Maths exam AND a History exam tomorrow….but instead I’m sat in bed, with a tub of ice cream and music blasting through my speakers as I’m writing this (playlist coming soon – I’m gonna give you guys some AMAZING songs). But yeah – call me the queen of procrastination.

You already know the drill (well half of you don’t because I had WAYY less followers the last time I posted one of these, but it’s pretty self explanatory) I’m gonna give you guys some recommendations – book, movies, tv shows – that kinda thing. Then I’ll talk a little bit about a topic and then round up with some conspiracies as well as some other crazy shit – let’s get into it!

Firstly…DID I NOT FUCKING TELL YOU GUYS THAT KYLIE JENNER WAS PREGNANT?? I swear I predicted the future! I KNEW she was pregnant…I don’t know how, but I just did.

I’m actually really proud of her for managing to hide it from the media for such a long time, I mean a whole 9 months without anyone finding out? Kudos to her…but I’m gonna have to give a little less kudos for the name though. I mean yeah, I honestly really like the name Stormi but it sounds a bit babyish and YES I know it’s a fucking baby but she’s gonna grow isn’t she? I mean, the names not gonna suit her in a couple years and her being taken seriously may be a little hard. Nonetheless, I think Kylie would be a great mother and that child is already richer than I’ll ever be soo..

Okay so I’m writing this Midnight Talks over 3 nights because I keep falling asleep every time I type (life of a sleepy blogger). So I wanna tell you about something SO AWKWARD that happened recently. And surprise surprise…it involved Roxy.

So we had a few classes together but she wasn’t in. In one of our classes, we were meant to collect our assignments and since her and a couple other people weren’t in, our teacher went through each student and asked if anyone in the class was friends with them and could give them the homework assignment.

So when it got to Roxy, she said

Is anybody here good friends with Roxy?”

So I kept my head down and continued writing the date and title into my book and I swear I could feel eyes on me. Turns out my suspicion was right as guess what?? I looked up and literally EVERYONE in the classes eyes were on me – even the fucking teacher (I swear they know everything)

Anyway, I’m guessing they all wanted to know why I didn’t put my hand up. I just looked at all of them and then went back to writing. I was not gonna blurt out that she’s a bitch and she makes me angry just by being around me…it just didn’t seem like the right time you know?

The thing that bothered me is that you know the drama kids that she chose over me? The ones that started this whole thing along with her stupidity? Well guess what? They didn’t even put their fucking hands up. “HER” so called “friends” clearly don’t feel the same way about her as she does about them and in some ways I’m glad. But I’m also sad that she lost the fucking most coolest kid in the world (me – okay that’s a little exaggeration but whatever) as a friend but that was her choice to make –  she made her bed and now she has to lay in it I’m afraid.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy? And did I go about it the wrong way by ignoring everyones glares?

Okay so now, I’m gonna give you guys a few suggestions in the categories of –

  • Films/Tv shows
  • Music
  • Books

Let’s get into it.

Films/TV Shows –

  • That 70’s Show – this is sooo good!! I just started it a couple of days ago and I’m already obsessed. I mean Mila Kunis AND Ashton Kutcher?? Yes please.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – THIS IS FUCKING EPIC. Nadia put me onto this one. It’s an anime and I could try and explain it to you but it’d take me all day but you GOTTA watch it!! Just make sure to use captions and not dub because if you use dub…really dude?
  • Uncontrollably Fond – Once again, I have to promote this TV show as it is honestly one of the best that I have ever watched and it is not even in my fucking language.

Music –

  • The whole “FREE 6LACK” Album by 6lack – when I say it’s fucking fire, I mean it.
  • Freshman List by Nav – It literally just came out today and I’m already obsessed with it
  • Pray for Me by The Weeknd – I had to have a little bit of my babes in here. It’s from the Black Panther soundtrack which I still HAVEN’T watched. You guys best believe that I’m gonna do an Album review whenever he drops that shit.
  • The whole “?” Album by XXXTENTACION
  • Fall in Love – A Boogie wit da Hoodie
  • Unhappy  – Boogie wit da Hoodie
  • Plus One – Tinxshe
  • Own it – Drake
  • Daydream – J-Hope – yes I also had to have a little BTS here.
  • Airplane – J-Hope
  • Not Right – Smooky Margielaa
  • God’s Plan – Drake – I just HAD to guys okay?
  • Real Friends – Camila Cabello
  • Gorgeous – Taylor Swift
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls – Lana Del Rey – AKA My fucking queen.
  • Born to Die – Lana Del Rey

Okay I should probably stop now before I go overboard. Let’s move on to –

Books –

  • We All Looked Up – Tommy Wallach
  • It Only Happens In The Movies – Holly Bourne
  • Rolling Dice. – Beth Reekles – I’m currently reading this now and I love it for the pure fact that it’s so predictable. It’s such an easy read for me
  • The Great Gatsby – Scott Fitzgerald

Okay that’s gonna be it for this section – you guys better check out absolutely EVERYTHING (I’m watching you)

Okay, now onto the topic of this post which is gonna be a –

Catch up on the Bad Boy

Okay so if you have no clue of what I’m talking about, then check out this blog post where I explain it all.

So a few weeks ago I told one of my friends to talk to him to see what he’s like on my behalf. Every time they would talk, she would tell me what happened right after. The other day, she came over to my house and we had the idea of calling him so that I could see what he was actually like on the phone. I pretended to be quiet as she put him on loudspeaker and I listened to their conversation (I’m not crazy, I promise).

Anyway, turns out he’s a DREAM on the phone. He’s so funny and witty and cute and nice and fuckk I loved it. I mean he had no clue that I was there but I mean it felt great knowing that at least some of the rumours weren’t true you know?

Now that I know that, I don’t really know where to go from there, I mean do I talk to him? Do I leave him waiting? Let me know down below!

Now moving onto my fave part –


1. Okay so in Bio, we’re learning about cloning and shit and it got me thinking. The amount of DNA that I leave around the place is crazy. I mean, I touch something and my fingerprint it there – I drink from a cup at school and bam, they have all they need to clone me. Imagine if somewhere on this massive earth, they are cloning people left and right? I mean, isn’t it a possibility? Why would they waste time figuring out how to do it and try and master tonnes of different techniques to just not use it? Think about it.

2. What if on another planet, technology is rising above us and plotting a way to take over the human race? I mean, it would make a lot of sense. There absolutely HAS to be life on other planets. I mean, the universe is fucking massive and is expanding too so there has to be something, ANYTHING out there that will possess some form of intelligence. And what if that thing used it for evil?

3. You know how there’s FBI agents in our computers and phones watching over our lives right? Well this isn’t really a conspiracy but…isn’t that…weird? I mea, why is nobody trying to find out the truth or take action? I mean, if I could, I definitely would wouldn’t you? But anyway, for now, just cover up the camera!

Okay, that’s gonna be it for this blog post. I hope you all enjoyed the comeback of Midnight Talks! I’l try my best to post more frequently but this post is hella long so if you’re bored, you could always read it again…(yeah like anyone is gonna do that)

Don’t forget to leave your advice down below in the comments!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another blog post!


Alex – The Awkward Expert🌺♥

20 thoughts on “Midnight Talks #6

  1. QueenTeen says:

    I LOVED this blog post!!!! It was soooo good! Btw, I think ignoring everyone was a the best thing to do – what else could you have done? Did you take the paper in the end?
    Amazing post x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thatoneguywhositsaloneataparty says:

    OK holy shit that was a lot of info to absorb. I’m gonna divide my comment into points (like my history answers!)

    1) Isn’t it obvious you should ignore your “ex-friend” and her friends? SOCIETY IS JUST A HUMAN CONSTRUCT IT SHOULDN’T AFFECT YOU. Good lord I sound crazy.

    2)Say “Hi” to the damn boy already, see where it goes.

    3)Eh Tokyo Ghoul makes want to vomit sometimes. Because of all the blood and all.
    Try “Your Lie in April”, it’s a very nice Anime.

    That’s all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bayance says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME – I missed theeeeeese! // Haha ikr Stormi sounds cute for a baby but like imagine once she’s an adult. 😂 // Omggg that’s awkward – I can’t believe her own friends didn’t put their hands up and wow that teacher probably knows all the beef. // Dude you and them conspiracies – it’s unrealistic but you somehow make it sound reasonable so now I’m paranoid. 😂 // Unfortunately the weeknd was on the list but yesss the BTS obsession is finally over. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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