Possibly the WORST Day EVER


Guys…I’m PISSED!!

Today could actually possibly be one of the worst days of my life. (MY MOTHERS CREDIT CARD WAS STOLEN!) I mean honestly. It was terrible from start to finish but I did learn a valuable life lesson I guess. (It’s gonna be a long one so settle down and get ready) Let’s start from the top…

(Flashback harp music…)

Okay so earlier today, I think around 11? I posted a blog post (click here to read it) and at the end of it I let you guys know that it was a bit rushed because I had to go to an open day. Yeah…it was shit BUT lemme let you guys know EXACTLY what went down.

So the college that was having the open day was pretty far away, so Roxy and I decided to go together and then maybe go to the cinema after. So we met up and I thought that she knew the directions…well turns out that SHE thought I had them so we ended up having to google maps the whole way there.

It was SUCH a long journey. I think it was about an hour and a half but the trains and buses weren’t as crowded as I thought they would be and we got seats on every single one which was good. (OKAY THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE STORY – I lost my Oyster card so my mother had given me her credit card to be able to get around and also to buy stuff…Okay, back to the story)I had VERY high expectations for this school because I had been told LOADS of good things about it and I had actually heard about it from a girl that I was actually becoming quite good friends with…let’s call her…


Anyway, apparently Lynn had heard amazing things about the school and it was her dream school. Lynn had really high ambitions AND grades so I just assumed that it would be awesome right? How wrong was I…

So when it was time to get off at our bus stop, about EVERY other kid on the bus got off too. I kinda knew from that moment that it wasn’t really going to be my kinda school. Based on the outside being kinda average I had already graded it down in my head but I decided to not let the outside make up my mind (you know, that don’t judge a book by it’s cover bullshit).

So, Roxy and I walk in and there are METAL DETECTORS. I’m sorry, but:


That right there was sign number 2 that I wasn’t supposed to be here. It also didn’t help matters that:


Guys, when I tell you it smelt, it FUCKING REEKED. It was like the devil did the most unholy fart in there. And the smell moved into every room…there was no escape. Once I got handed the leaflet, I realised that virtually everything that they had written on their website had been nothing but a total lie. The pass rates were so totally shocking that I honestly just couldn’t stop the disappointment from taking over my face.

So I went to English Lit first to check it out because I’m thinking of taking it in college. So I walked into this…poorly laid out room with dirt everywhere and…interesting baby pink walls. Since nobody had showed us around, it took us about 10 minutes to even find a classroom. Once we got in, we met a student who couldn’t even really explain what if was we would do if we were to pick it…how sad is that? I mean, it was honestly such a let down.

After checking out the library which ALSO smelt like shit, we decided to check out the technology. We went to the music rooms only to find out the it was terrible. All of the instruments were in such bad conditions which is a massive no no for Roxy because she’s a music genius. She couldn’t stay for a moment long and quite frankly, neither could I.

After only being there for about 25 minutes, we got the fuck out of there and decided to go and do our own thing. We went and bought a bunch of snacks and decided to watch movie. What we didn’t realise was that the movies they were screening today were wack and they weren’t really for us so we decided to go to restaurant and get something to eat and then maybe go shopping!

So I got to pick where we got to eat and I chose this place in a rooftop because you know, do anything for the shot. It was fucking freezing but it was worth it. Anyway, it was kinda like an American style place and I got a Bacon and Cheese burger with Korean Cheesy Fries and Roxy got the same except she got Chicken and Waffles (dude, I felt American and it was super cool)

After we finished the food which was AMAZING, we sat down and spoke and laughed for a good two hours. I was actually kinda surprised that they hadn’t kicked us out yet but it didn’t matter. We spoke about anything and everything and it was honestly one of the best talked I’ve ever had. Too bad the rest of the day fucked it up for me.

So after finally deciding to get up and leave, we went shopping. We went into a shop but didn’t find anything we liked so then we went to my trusty favourite store. Okay, so don’t judge me, but I ALWAYS buy my comfy clothes from the mens section. I don’t know why they are just always 100% more comfy and comfort should be a priority. They also have a lot more range in designs and so I picked up a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to match. Roxy also gets a hoodie and then we go to pay for our stuff and look around some more shops.

This was when shit hit the fan.

So I’m already at the checkout, and I give my stuff to the cashier to scan.I reach into my back pocket and my wallet is gone…as in it’s not there. So I’m standing there, awkwardly struggling to look for it, smiling like a weirdo to the cashier who must think I’m a total freak. By now, Roxy has finished checking out, so I run to her tell her I can’t find my wallet. I start freaking out and because she knows about my anxiety she tries her best to calm me down and look for it.

We check in my bag and remember the snacks from earlier? Well, she starts taking them all out to see if my wallet fell to the bottom of my bag. So there are bags and bags of popcorn and sweets and shit (because who’s really paying for it at the cinema?). I’m pretty sure the cashier thinks we robbed a sweet store, but I think he understood what was going on and he said he could save my stuff in the back and I should come back when I’m ready.

I RAN FOR MY LIFE out of the store back to the place where we ate and I searched EVERYWHERE and asked the owners. They said it was nowhere to be found and I couldn’t find it where we were sitting either so I started freaking out even more. We speed walked back to the first shop we went to and checked under all the clothing racks and asked the workers, once again it was nowhere to be found. I was in the midst of a full breakdown with Roxy trying to console me.

Lemme tell you guys why this was such a big deal for me –

  1. I don’t lose things…like ever
  2. I practically had to BEG my mother to even let me borrow her card in the first place and I KNEW I was going to die when I got home
  3. The clothes I was going to buy were SUPER comfy (not important i know..)
  4. ANYONE could have taken it!

All of these reason just made me freak out even more. We went back in a circle just double checking EVERYWHERE we went and trying my best to retrace my steps. It was no good. Once we had made it back to the rooftop area again, I just crashed in our seats and burst out crying. I was legit crying…like HARD in the middle of the restaurant. When I cry, I reveal a lot about myself. Without even thinking about it, I had let out my entire family situation to Roxy and explained how me losing this card would make everything 100 times worse.

She understood everything I said, gave me a massive pep talk full of advice and so I after about an hour of self pity, I decided to call my mother to tell her to cancel the card incase it had actually been stolen. When the phone rang, my breathing got all funny and when she picked up, I took. deep breath and told her. Of course she flipped out and starting screaming at me. She told me a bunch of shit she always does when she’s pissed and hung up the phone after. I starting crying AGAIN and then went back to the stores again in a last minute panic. They told me to give them my name, phone number and description of everything just incase they found it but they said it was all they could do.

Roxy then told me there was one last place we could look. The mall security. But since I had only lost it about an hour and a half ago, I had no hope whatsoever so she practically had to drag me there.

Once we got there, I told them what happened and they told me to describe the wallet. I told them and they started smiling to each other. They then went into the back and I was SOO CONFUSED. Did they have it orr..? After about 5 minutes they came back out with empty hands and she told me it was bad news. I literally just melted to the ground and was about to start crying again when Roxy was calling my name. I looked up and the lady was holding my purse! SHE HAD MY PURSE. I screamed. I actually screamed. I have never been so relieved in my ENTIRE life. I actually kissed my purse and I gave Roxy the BIGGEST hug ever.

After that I kinda just wanted to go home but at the same time I was still gonna get killed by my mother. I also didn’t think I had enough money to get home as she had cancelled the card so I called her and asked her if she could come and get me. Of course she couldn’t. I mean, she wasn’t even doing anything. At all. I honestly don’t know what I did to her to make her hate me so much but that’s not even the point. I was more focused on how the fuck I was gonna get home. Luckily Roxy gave me enough money to add to mine to buy a ticket to get home.

I chilled with her for a little bit but then it was time for me to go home and face the music. Once I got in the house I was surrounded by shouting so I told her that I found it but it didn’t even matter. I was still grounded (but I’m a rebel – I’m sneaking out tomorrow…oh god get ready for another story) for a month and I’m not allowed internet after 10pm but I’m just gonna switch it back on so…(#badass).

Anyway, this was probably the most dramatic story ever told. The moral of the story is ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK WHERE YOU PUT YOUR WALLET – IT COULD POTENTIALLY COST YOU COMFY CLOTHES)

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you soon with another one!


The Awkward Expert🌺♥

9 thoughts on “Possibly the WORST Day EVER

  1. Sadiethewallflower says:

    This was intense for suuure 😂😂 I’m so sorry that the school you wanted so bad was sucky. Honestly it sounded horrible 😂 on another note, I LOVE MENS CLOTHES. I’m so happy someone understands 😸 literally so much better than woman’s clothes and they are soooooooo comfy and fit so much better and it’s just a blessing and oh my gosh I’m so happy everything worked out but sorry you’re grounded even though you’re sneaking out and it doesn’t really matter! You bad ass you!!! 🙂 okay bye xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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