Halloween Special


Hey Guys,

Ahh happy Halloween! (Or whatever it is they say)

I hope you guys are having fun and getting lots of virtual candy to give to me! Anyway, seeing as it is what some people call a “special occasion” (I just watch scary movies), I figured I might aswell do a bit of a halloweenie post. So in this blog post I’m going to give you guys some of my fave scary movies to watch, my fave candy (watch out, there’s ALOT) and then give you guys my WORST Halloween experiences ever…it’s really bad guys, I really hope you’re ready. So sit back, relax and stay tuned for the show!

Okay so first I thought I would give you guys a little list of my fave scary movies that you should all TOTALLY watch (thank me later). So the list is as follows –

  1. IT
  2. Unfriended
  3. Poltergiest
  4. Scream
  5. Friday the 13th
  6. Final Destination 3 (this is AWESOME)
  7. Ouija
  8. Get Out
  9. The Chosen
  10. Paranormal Activity

Okay so these are all mad good and I’d recommend you to watch all of them but please guys you HAVE to start with Final Destination 3 because that is just AMAZING. It’s one of the first scary movies I’d ever watched and it was one of the only ones that ACTUALLY scared me. You know how scary movies are just kinda predictable now? This one is probably my fave out of the list. The chosen is pretty awesome too because of also features one of my favourite YouTubers Kian Lawley! He’s part of Kian and JC and if you STILL don’t watch then after me telling you guys to watch them for AGES then you’re missing the fuck out. Anyway back to the point – go check out these films!

Okay I’m pretty sure this is gonna be my favourite part of this whole post and that’s right you guessed it! (I mean I told you earlier but…) I’m going to be telling you guys my favourite candies in the whole entire world that have done a great job in making be look like a potato…anyways THIS list is as follows –

Randoms – wow dude these are seriously PHENOMENAL. I LOVE the taste of these and *sigh* these are really just awesome. They are little sweets that come in lots of random images from top hats to bikes (hence the name). My fave flavour HAS to be the green one which I’m pretty sure is lime (it makes sense right?) anyway if you’ve never had these then you’ve definitely got to give them a try.

Skittles – Sorta basic but also sorta fucking AMAZING. I move all the different kinds except for lemon because let’s be real – who likes the lemon flavour? I also love m&ms – especially the crispy ones which are BOMB. You guys have probably tried these but they make the cut in the Awkward Experts list (not like they care of anything…)

Snickers – okay moving on to chocolate! Guys if you don’t like snickers then the only excuse that you could POSSIBLY have is that you are allergic to nuts. Otherwise you are just ridiculous. Snickers are the best thing to ever happen to mankind (well, apart from this blog of course…I’ll show myself out) Snickers are just amazing. The taste, the texture…wow they should just make me their spokes person shouldn’t they? Hint hint snickers I’m always available!

Kit Kat Chunky – Mann NO WORDS can describe how good these are. There are so many different flavours available and it’s hust so PERFECT. My personal fave is the cookie dough and the white chocolate ones – they are soo good and they taste like a little slice of heaven. (I’m hyping these all up so much wow) I’m not a massive fan of regular kit kat but these really changed my whole opinion on …I don’t know, EVERYTHING? You dudes GOTTA check this one out for sure.

Kinder Bueno – okay so these are the shit. It’s like a wafer shell and inside is a hazel but filling and the outside is covered in little chocolate shavings and it’s just perfect and beautiful and amazing and …just buy one guys and you’ll fall in love all over again. These ones LITERALLY change your life (mainly by giving you a double chin but..)

Harribo Strawbs – okay so we are going back to sweets! These are basically jelly sweets in the shape of strawberries which also taste like strawberries. These have a kinda  tangy sour taste mixed in with the sweet taste which is one of the reasons why I like them a lot. But I’m pretty much obsessed with ANYTHING strawberry flavoured so that might be the reason but whatever – give these a try too!

I think I’m gonna stop it there before you I get carried away and make the whole blog post about candy. Lemme just give a few honourable mentions to some OG candies that didn’t quite make the cut.

  • Twix
  • Strawberry laces
  • Sour Belts
  • Wine Gums ( not actual wine – don’t get it twisted)
  • Bounty (yes sue me I like coconut)
  • Nutella Dippers
  • Picnic bar

and last but not least

  • Tangfastics (THESE ARE BOMB TOO!)

okay I have to stop now or I’m gonna have to run out to the shops and buy myself all of these…the sad thing is it’s not a joke…food is a serious problem guys.

Okay so finally I’m gonna give you guys a little run down of some of my WORST Halloween experiences EVER. I have a feeling this part is gonna involve a lot of reminiscing but oh well, let’s get started!

Story 1 – Halloween Hide Outs.

Okay so this took place about 2 or 3 years ago and it was the day of Halloween. Now my family don’t really celebrate Halloween but we still give out candy to anyone who knocks at the door just because you know? Anyway, for some UNKNOWN reason, this year, my parents decided not to buy any candy because they were going somewhere. Somewhere where I WASN’T GOING. So I was left in my house ALONE on Halloween with ZERO candy in an area highly populated with kids…do you guys see the problem here?? So all night, little kids and there parents and the occasional teen knocked on my door and every time they did, guess what I did? I RAN to turn all of the lights of and turned off the TV so that they thought that nobody was in…I really went to all that effort EVERY TIME. Now that I think of it that plan was totally stupid because they probably knew that I was inside turning the lights off everytime the Bell rang but of course my stupid ass didn’t realise that until it was too late. The year after that not a lot of people came to our house for Halloween which actually made me really sad but on the bright side…more candy for me!

Btw had any of you guys bought a tonne of candy and then only like 5 people show up so you eat like half of it? ….yeah me neither I mean who does that…(#lasthalloween)

Story 2 – Trick or Trick

So this story took place at one of my friends house. We decided to spend Halloween together just to chill and hang out and eat sweets (my fave part) and shit. Before we got to her house, she told me that she doesn’t normally get a lot of trick or treaters….yeah after this story you’ll know why.

Sonwe are about 3 hours into the sleepover when ge first trick or treater knocks on the door. When they do, my friend jumped up, ran to her kitchen and came back with a jar of something. I didn’t quite see what if was when she was giving it to them by then after I took the jar because, you know, food. Once I took the jar, I looked inside and it was FILLED with chicken stock cubes. My friend had just given a little kid CHICKEN STOCK CUBES. What if he has eaten it thinking it was chocolate or something? She then told me that apparently this is something she does every year and honestly I was in such shock like …dude what the hell? I’m not gonna lie, after that I gave a few out myself but I gave them ACTUAL candy too so I’m not PURE evil…I think so…

okay guys so that about wraps up this blog post . It’s actually Halloween when I’m writing this so after this goes live I’m gonna go and watch stranger things! I’m just starting so if I see any spoilers then you’re getting blocked straight away!(well you probably won’t but I’ll say it anyways)

I hope you guys have a great Halloween and enjoyed this blogpost because I’ll be seeing you all very soon with another one!


The Awkward Expert🌺♥



5 thoughts on “Halloween Special

  1. Bayance says:

    Ooooh British candy 😂 Um excuse me?? The lemon flavour is my FAVOURITE! And omllll Beuno is my childhooood. Chicken stock cubes??? Bruh. 😂😂 I went trick or treating today cuz hello? Free food. But I hateee when ppl hand out the SAME DAMN CANDY like I got the smarties 5 thousand times so like give me Takis.

    Liked by 1 person

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