Midnight Talks #5

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to Midnight Talks (yeah..I guess that’s gonna be our new intro to this little series). So you guys should know the drill by now: I talk about things on my mind right now, I (sometimes) give you guys some film/music recommendations,  talk about a topic and then I finish it up with 3 weird conspiracies (usually involving aliens) Let’s get into it before you guys get too bored and click off!

Okay, so recently, I’ve been going to the gym quite regularly for like the first time in forever and guys…I am in AGONY. Like places that I didn’t even know exist are starting to ache. My legs and Butt are gone and I really think I’m not gonna be able to move for the next couple of weeks. Seriously, how do people do that shit everyday? I was there for like 2 hours and I swear, never again. If any of you guys have gym tips, then please help a girl out because I NEED them.

So a couple of months ago, I applied to this conference thing at a Top university (Like top 5 in the world good) I gave them a reference from my teacher and that was it. Now move forward to months later and I still hadn’t heard back from them so I just assume, no big deal, that I just didn’t get in. OKAY SO I GET AN EMAIL SAYING I GOT IT. I GOT IN. I’m going to a TOP 5 university for a conference. Guys, they only accept 50 people and they chose ME to be one of them! What the actual hell??? I’m honestly so happy but I’m guessing that since it it one of the most prestigious universities in the world, that I need to dress professionally. Yeah, that’s not really my strong suit. I normally wear a pair of jeans, and a hoodie and tadah, you have my outfit of the day. I’m DEFINITELY going to go shopping because this could potentially be the biggest meeting of my life so far. Of course I’m gonna let you guys know exactly what went down – just wait for the update! and wish me luck too!

Also, I got tickets to COMIC CON! I honestly cannot tell you how EXCITED I am. I’ve wanted to go to comic con for like EVER and now I finally get to go! Don’t worry, I’m going with Hallie! But the down side is that she’s bringing one of her friends from her old school. I mean, I know it sound selfish of me to not want her to come, it’s just that I’ve never met her before and I assume that it’s going to be SUPER awkward. I mean, Hallies told me that she’s been wanting to meet one of her friends but I can’t help but think that she’s going to be disappointed with me. I don’t know, the whole issue of her brining her friend just puts a downer on things. Hopefully she’ll be nice and it wont ruin my day. Once again I am TOTALLY going to take you guys with me because I’m most likely going to be needing you emotional support after everything goes wrong and her friend turns out to be evil (wow, I’m so optimistic aren’t I? (!))

So some of you may know that it is now half term over here so we have the week off of school! See, the downside to that is that I don’t actually have any plans until my conference and comic con, both of which take place at the end of the day. So as you cold probably tell, I’m a little bit bored. I kinda want just start a boredom CLUB for all of us who are ALWAYS bored because, lemme tell you guys, for me, it’s often. If any of you guys have anything to keep this girl from dying of boredom then please leave them down below! Who, knows, you may even find something down there, whenever you’re having a boring day.

Okay so now I would like to get onto our topic of this Midnight Talks which is going to be..


Okay so this year, I have been to Dubai and that was the FIRST time I had ever been on a plane. I have been on this earth for a good 15 years and three months and apart from Dubai once and France, I’ve never been anywhere. Now I know it sounds like I’m being a post stuck up girl who expects to be jetting off to Hawaii every weekend, but I honestly do think that I should have travelled to WAY more places by now.

I mean, it had been one of my biggest dreams to travel the world and just experience new things in different cultures and the different types of people around. I feel like if by now, I don’t have a rough idea of life outside of my comfort zone, then it will be very hard for me in the future. I guess right now I’m saying that I need to get out there more. See more things. I don’t wanna be confined to this area that I am now and I just wanna…LIVE.

Have any of you guys been anywhere cool? Please lemme know down below because travel stories are the best kind!

Okay so before, I was giving you guys some songs that I really like. Well, now I would like to give you guys an entire PLAYLIST that I listen to when I’m working out at the gym or at home. I give you…

The Awkward Experts Get Up and Move It Playlist – 

Warning – these songs will get you hype…unless you have bad taste in music (teggs)

  1. Drake ft. Quavo & Travis Scottt – Portland
  2. Fetty Wap ft. Monty – Jugg
  3. Travis Scott ft. NAV – beibs in the trap
  4. The Weeknd – Reminder
  5. The Vamps & Matoma – All Night
  6. Chase Atlantic – Into It
  7. The Weeknd ft. Future – All I Know
  8. Camila Cabello – Crying in the Club
  9. Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat – Be My Baby
  10. Travis Scott ft. Young Thug – pick up the phone
  11. Lil Wayne & Drake – Right Above It
  12. Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi – Father Stretch My Hands, Pt 1
  13. Kehlani – CRZY
  14. Conor Maynard – R U Crazy
  15. Hoodie Allen ft. Kyle & Blackbear – Champagne and Pools
  16. Blackbear – Dirty Laundry

Well this is it! I mean I have a couple more but I feel that they wouldn’t be…Lets say “appropriate” for this blog – I mean, I’m even pushing the boundaries with some of the ones I included here and that says something about the other kinds of music I listen to… Let’s just say I like Nicki Minaj

Okay now I actually wanna talk to you guys about a movie! Have you guys watched ‘What Happened to Monday’? HOLY SHIT it is such a GREAT movie. Honestly, the emotions that I was feeling while watching this?…CRAZY. If you haven’t watched it then WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?? Go watch it now!!

So it is about a family of 7 sisters living in a world where there is a one Child per family system. Since the sisters are all identical and there are 7 of them, their grandfather named them each after the days of the week and whenever it got to the day that they were named after, they were allowed to leave their house. This has been going on for YEARS and then one Monday, Monday goes off to work and doesn’t return…that’s how it begins…

Guys the ending had me so angry, sad, confused and happy all at the same time, I mean, name another movie that does that to a person…go ahead.

Anyway, if you guys haven’t seen it then PLEASE go watch it! I promise you will not regret it (btw it gets a bit gory and sexual at some stages so you have been warned)

So it is now that time of the evening where I get weird with you guys and tell you a few things I think about at night/conspiracies/just alien stuff…anyway, let’s get into it!

Okay so this first one actually just popped into my mind right now. So you know how I always some students have arguments with teachers and the teacher is ALWAYS so proffessioonal like dude just shout back at me them? Well, what if when they get home, they talk so much SHIT about us? I mean, they are under no obligation to be nice at HOME so for all we know, they could be a saint in school and then start swearing their asses off as soon as they walk through the doors!

So this for this one, I’m talking about the government. So you guys know how that guy is now on the run for informing the world that the government is spying on us? What is the government actually know more that we think? I mean, what if they are watching me write this blog post right now and hire me to be a new agent for the FBI (hello new book plot). Anyway, ever since I heard about that, I’ve been covering all of my cameras with masking tape so that they can’t see me. You see, I have serious paranoia and once I get started on something, I can NEVER stop. I’ve put masking tape on my phone, my laptop…EVERYTHING. (Well that’s pretty much it but you get the point right?)

So BACK TO ALIENS.  This one isn’t as weird but I’ve recently started drawing them, and over time, they become more and more different to the stereotype that they have. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before because, honestly, I cannot be bothered to check, but what if aliens look like us but they just live on a different planet? I mean, who was it that even started the whole image that aliens are green creatures with 900 eyes and all that other crap? I mean, we probably scare them more than they scare us right? Just a thought but I REALLY hope I meet one. Now THAT’S something worth putting on a bucket list.

Okay guys, so this is gonna be it for this blog post. Once again I had tonnes of fun writing it and I hop you guys are getting to know me more!

I hoe you guys enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you again soon with another one!

See you at midnight!🌙


The Awkward Expert🌺♥


6 thoughts on “Midnight Talks #5

  1. Bayance says:

    UNIVERSITY ALEXA IN DA HOUSEEEEEEEEEE!! Bruh i went to the gym yesterday and I died after 10 minutes on the crosstrainer so… 😂 I’ve been to Tunisia and Turkey but I barely remember anythingg. I don’t have bad taste in music omg you’re the one obsessed with Frday singing U DONT LOVE ME BUT I WANT U TUUUU*voicecrack*UUU 🎵 I just watched the trailer and IM GONNA WATCH IT RN. Ugh you and aliens again. Bruh at least show me the drawings. Wow what’s with they hype comment today 😂?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thatoneguywhositsaloneataparty says:

    Great job with the university thing! And so damn jealous of you for comic con tho. Comic Con at my place will happen during December when I have my exams and shit. I doubt I can get tickets.
    I think your theory is too unrealistic. Spying through our personal cameras? No I personally think they have satellites hooked on to every possible threat (person) in the world and they are spying through those. No one on earth can escape the satellites!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

      Thank you dude! Okay so exams are super important, but ONE day off isn’t going to kill you! Plus stressing right before exams is a big no-no for me – especially because I’m doing GCSEs – use it as a stress relief. The ticket was nowhere near as expensive as I thought it would be I think you should go! Dude your theory put mine to shame😂 but how would they hook the satellites?…the mystery continues😂

      Liked by 1 person

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