College Tours and Adventure Day

Hey Guys,

So on Saturday, Roxy and I went to check out a college/ sixth form that had an open day! As you guys know, I REALLY don’t like my school so I’m really trying my best to find a few alternative so that I don’t have to attend the one attactched to my school. After the open day, Roxy persuaded me to have a kinda adventure/exploring day as she knows I don’t really go out a lot. It was very….interesting so to speak. I thought I’d give you guys a little run down of how it went — Let’s get into it!

Okay so we had made plans the day before to meet early in the morning. But OF COURSE my stupid alarm doesn’t go off and I wake up to the sound of my mother yelling at me that there is someone at the door for me a whole two hours after we were supposed to meet….Great(!)

So I hopped in the shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and got dressed as fast as I could, having to throw on whatever I could find as I no longer had time to pick an outfit. I quickly ran out of the house, to be greeted with an anxious Roxy. As soon as I saw her I apologised for being late and then she told me to check my phone. Turns out, SHE was late too! I felt slightly less guilty than I was before because it turns out she only got to my house about 20 mins ago, instead of the two hours that I thought it was.

Since I din’t really go out a lot, Roxy basically guided me the entire way. At some points I started going the wrong way and had to do that awkward turn when you pretend you’re thinking and then pretend that you finally remember which way you were supposed to be going (we’ve ALL done it okay?). Anyway, it took awhile and a heck ton of Google Maps but we got there.

When we got there, we had to give in our registration number and after that a nice lady came over to us and gave us goody bags. They had rulers, pins that say “I love (the college)” and this other thing, which I STILL don’t know the purpose of.

After taking a seat, waiting for the Principals speech. We met somebody that we also go to school with through the crowds of other students. It made me feel a little more comfortable knowing that we weren’t the only ones from our school. She came a little bit before us and when she shoed us HER goody bag, it had HEADPHONES in it…UMMM…unfair much? Anyway that’s beside the point. We sat and waited for a good 10 minutes until the speech finally began. All I had to do while I was waiting, was look around, sinking in the environment and to be honest, it wasn’t great. I mean, I know I hadn’t looked around properly yet, but just from looking at the main meeting area…I don’t know, something felt…off. Like it wasn’t my destiny to be there.

Anyway, the speech REALLY hyped up the school…like to the point of it sounding like a heaven. It was really exaggerated and the fact that these words were coming from a teacher and not a student made me wonder even more.

After the…interesting speech, we all got the chance to look around the whole school and speak to all of the different departments on all the options we had and how they could help us with the subject we want to peruse. Because I do sociology now, I went to check that out first. Me, Roxy, along with…let’s call her Calista went inside and were found by a student studying sociology. she gave us this long spiel which didn’t make a lot of sense and then gave us candy…Yeah, that helped(!)

I actually saw Maya and her minions and LOADS of other people from my school there so that was super awkward but hey, that’s my name right?

Anyway, after checking out the English, Photography, Film, Media, Psychology, Law and Art departments, I have to say, overall, I was VERY disappointed. I mean the technology wasn’t great, the people sounded like they had no clue of what they were talking about and the building felt like a primary school. For my first look at life outside of school, it was pretty pathetic if you ask me. I guess I can officially cross that college off my list. Oh well, I’ve still got LOADS more to you and YOU my friends are coming with me.

Okay, now onto the fun bit

After looking at the…(I don’t even have a good word to describe this atrocity) college, we got on a bus and we decided to just stay on it until it got to it’s final destination which, surprise, surprise, it HAD to be a mall.

I hadn’t been to the cinema in AGES and I guess Roxy knew that because we went straight there. Of all of the films that were showing, the first one we saw was IT. and guys…I just HAD to go for it. I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies, I had really wanted to see it so we booked tickets, went and bought some snacks (not from the actual cinema…do you guys think I’m made of money? £4:50 for popcorn? No thank you!) and then arrived just when the ads where finishing and the movie was about to start.

I had no clue why I was scared but…


Guys, I honestly think that it was the funniest movie I’ve ever watched. I think it was partly because Roxy and I were leaving our commentary throughout the whole thing (yes, we are the people you hate at the cinema) but I REALLY enjoyed it. The comebacks were totally awesome and I really liked the group element. I think I only got scared a few times by pennywise but for the most part, I was crying of laughter. Finny Wolfhard (aka:Ritchie) is AWESOME! By far my favourite character in the whole movie. He was literally my spirit animal. Have you guys watched IT? If so then you guys GOTTA let me know what you thought of it.

So after the movie, we went and got something to eat at TGI Fridays, which is somewhere I had never been before. I got a hotdog with chilli fries. It was quite good but you know how everybody over hypes everything? They DEFINITELY over exaggerated with this one. It wasn’t “mind-blowing” or “the best meal ever” But it was pretty good (I know, I’m a hater – sue me).

It was getting pretty late by then, but seeing as it was adventure day, we decided to walk around the outside area of the mall. There were lots of little lanterns strung above us and as it was getting kinda dark it looked extra pretty against the navy sky.

As we were walking around, we found a really fancy dress shop and decided to go in and pretend to be looking for prom dresses. They showed us to the right section and I felt like I was in a movie. It even had the velvet chairs that the mums sit in and cry when they first see their daughter come out.

We looked around for awhile and I actually found a really nice dress, which is surprising because dresses aren’t really my scene. We then watched as some bridesmaids came out of a dressing room. They looked beautiful and some of them were our age so we spoke for a little but. It was so fun in there, I might actually have t come back when i’m actually looking for a prom dress…well if I even go.

After spending about an hour in the shop, we finally left and made our way home. Once we got off the train, we spent actually spoke for a while before finally parting. It’s really nice to be out at night because it REALLY is true that you learn more about people. I feel like I know a completely new side to Roxy now.

Okay so that’s going to be it for this post. It was really fun having a nice adventure day and just doing something normal (is this normal?) for the first time in a while.

Lemme know what you guys are up to! I’m always here waiting for something interesting to happen.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you soon with another one!


The Awkward Expert🌺♥

5 thoughts on “College Tours and Adventure Day

  1. Tamsin Dark says:

    That sucks about the college but there’s loads more out there, I would be so annoyed if someone got earphones in their goody bag and not me😂 well done though on watching it, I really wanna watch it but I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep again if I do😂💜

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