Cheers To The Teenage Years #3

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to another instalment of this little series on this blog.

The topic of todays CTTTYs (yes we’re still rolling with the acronym) is…


Urgh parties, we all hate love them and we all have to go through at least one of them in our teen life. Today I’m gonna be telling you guys some things I hate about parties, the types of people I see at parties AND a terrible party experience of my own because you guys are awful and want to see me embarrassed you guys are awesome and I trust you.

Lets get into itttt.

Okay, first, I wanna tell you guys about the ANNOYING things about parties or gatherings that just irritate me.

1. Timing

Okay so maybe this is just me, but parties NEVER start the time that they say they are supposed to. So the invitation could say “Party starts at 7” NOBODY shows up until 9, like…what? Why can’t people just start when they say so? I guess this also works 2 ways as the guests never come on time either. They come through at random points throughout the night and then think it’s all cool like…Dude… no…JUST COME ON TIME.

2. Food

So you guys all know I love my food. So why is it that when you go to a party, they literally have THE WORST FOOD known to man kind?? Seriously, am i an animal to be only eating fruit and nut mix? Well maybe this is just parties that I’VE been to, but the food is actually just below satisfaction. If I had a party (I’m saying “if” but it will literally NEVER happen) the food would be amazing. I’m talking pizza, sandwiches, crisps, chips… the works. Hell, I might even throw in a chocolate fountain..I’m basically just saying –

GET BETTER FOOD! Other wise I will leave your party ASAP (Jk…well not really)

3, Awkward Encounters

There is always that group of people that you have NEVER seen before at a party. They could be a friend of a friend, or simply just someone you haven’t spoken to, but there is always somebody who is a stranger to you. And somehow, against all the laws of physics, at some point during the night, you end up standing next to them, which therefore means you are bound to have a conversation. Now it doesn’t matter who starts it or what you guys say, it’s GOING to be awkward. Most of the time, if you don’t know them the convo goes like this –

Them – “So how do you know insert name?”

You – “Oh we met in school”

Them – “Oh…cool”

You – “You?”

Them – “Oh insert name is my neighbour”

You – “Oh cool”

Them – “Yeah”

Awkward smile

Awkward silence

You – “Well bye!”

You walk off

Yep, it’s THAT awkward. Anyway, on the miracle you ACTUALLY get along, I guess you can say you’ve made a new friend..Congrats! Must be nice (!)

4. Dancing

Ummm, dancing really isn’t for everyone is it? Now, I’m not saying I’m amazing, but I’m not literally dry humping the floor, you know what I mean? Most of the time, all I see are arms flailing, girls twerking and guys trying to attempt to find a girl and dance with her…Guys need to stop being thirsty😂

Okay, so now I thought I’d tell you some of the people that I’VE encountered at some parties that I have awkwardly attended.

1. The Beyonce Wannabe

This is that one person who thinks they are the best singer in the world and belts out EVERY lyric to EVERY song and will not stop until they are literally FORCED to. This person normally sounds like a dying cat, but you know… at least they…wow I can’t even think of something good to balance this out with…this is sad…anyway…

2. The Ones Who’s Lips Are Attached

I think you can tell what I mean by this one. I’m talking bout the couple who literally won’t leave each other alone. Urgh it’s probably me just being salty but I HATE PDA. Their lips are attached at all times. I mean, don’t get me wrong, express your love all you like, but maybe DETACH your lips for a few seconds you know?

3. The One Who’s Always High

Okay, so I haven’t really been to a lot of parties, but there is always somebody who is straight out high. Like they must’ve had a pretty rough day because in most cases, it’s always the same person every time. But they always seem like they are having a good time…just a little bit less active you know? so I guess that’s a plus…right?

4. The Klutz

So this one is probably me. I bump into everything and everyone and it’s soo embarrassing. People, bookshelves, plants, tables, hot guys…yeah you heard me…I bump into it ALL. Sometimes, I honestly think I’m a human bowling ball, sent from bowling lanes all over the world to knock down all the human bowling pins in my way.

5. The Angry One

There is always someone who is pissed, and NEVER let’s you forget it. They’ll always let you know what a shitty time they are having and will always complain about every little thing, as a way to let you know that they hate it. This person is usually the kinda person who stays at home a lot and isn’t used to the big wide world, but don’t be a buzzkill guys!

6. The One Looking For An S.O.

This is that one thirsty person who always comes up to you and ask if you are single. I mean, if you are going to flirt with someone, why don’t you try and be original? I mean, asking me if I’m single won’t get my attention. Asking me if I believe in aliens though? You’ve definitely got me.

Okay so now I’m going to let you know about a terrible party experience I had when I was around halfway through being 12 so about 2 and a half years ago. This party was Maya’s. Now if you don’t know who Maya is, then are you really serious? Okay if you don’t know Maya, check out my Awkward File on her right here.

Anyway, so she invited me to a party for her 13th birthday and because we were friends it was a no brainer – of course I would go. This was the first party that I had ever been to and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty scared. I didn’t know what it was gonna be like or who was gonna come or anything at all. At first I thought it would be an all girls kinda thing but…no it wasn’t. It was quite the opposite actually.

Okay so when I got to her house, it was all girls and it was kinda fun. Like my mother had to drop me off, THAT’S how young we were. But that didn’t stop them from doing what they did. We were all just chilling in her living room for about an hour until the doorbell rang and a flood of girls and guys filled the room. Guys…I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR GUYS! As soon as they came in I got super nervous. I mean, I was a 12 year old girl, I didn’t wanna have to think about boys for a long time.

So anyway, when her parents went upstairs, the girls turned on some music and we all went outside into her back yard and thats when they all decided it was a good idea to start twerking. Now her back yard wasn’t the biggest and there were a lot if us so it was really cramped and everyone was twerking and I felt really uncomfortable. You know when you dance really weird I sometime in your bedroom? Well that was me, in public, in front of boys…best day ever(!)

Anyway, after that fail at life,  a few of the boys got out alcohol and were giving it to the girls. By this time I was feeling super uncomfortable and I didn’t really wanna drink so I saiid no. Everyone though I was a major buzzkill but I just didn’t wanna do it. I was so happy because shortly after that my brother came to pick me up.

I hate thinking about that day because it was SOOO EMBARRASSING but I trust you guys so I thought I’d share this with you.

Anyway, that’s gonna be it for this blog post. I just wanna say that theses are only some types of people at parties. Not all parties are bad. In fact, some of them are kinda fun so don’t hold yourself back…But don’t do anything you are not comfortable with. You don’t need to prove yourself. But remember to have fun!

We are teenagers after all☺️

I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon in another one!


The Awkward Expert🌺♥


2 thoughts on “Cheers To The Teenage Years #3

  1. Bayance says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA OMG 😂😂😂😂 I haven’t been to a party before because I would be that awkward person who just hangs around in the corner by the food 😂 But I relate to most of these in real life situations 😂. Omg if someone didn’t give me proper food, imma get my high heel 😂😂 like no I’m not gonna be eating nut mix in the corner. The awkward encounter one is literally me in my new school 😂 All 6 types of ppl i’ve seen irl and it’s so annoying. And yooo alcohol and twerking?? Twelve and thirteen?? That’s honestly just sad. This comment was actually not that long but its probs cuz im tired but dont wanna sleep- okay im weird. Can’t wait for ur next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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