To My Bullies

I’ve been hurt so many times, more than I can even fathom.

I’ve been bullied, bruised, cut, and left crying for hours on end.

Because of you.

You’ve left me with scars, physically AND mentally,

And the worst part about it is, you don’t even care.

You say those hurtful things on the daily and you don’t even bat an eyelid.

You don’t feel a shred of remorse

or guilt or sorrow or ANYTHING at all

and you carry on with your life.

With all of your friends,

laughing at me when you don’t think I’m listening,

when in fact, it’s the only thing I hear.

Everything you say sticks with me

and after trying so hard to stay strong at school

I come home and cry my eyes out

YOU made me do that

You STILL DO make me do that.

I’ve been high and hurt so many times

just to try and block you out

forget it all

I’ve been so close to the edge, so close to ending it all

just because you fuck me up

every single day

it never ends

you never stop

you never let me rest

I can never be me.

Whenever you’re around, I can never be happy

And the thing is,

you’ll never see this

you’ll carry on with your life

and forget about the girl that you broke

the girl you made cry

the girl you put in constant pain and misery for years.

You’ll forget it all…but I won’t

what you’ve done, it’s with me forever

and when I look back at my life,

and think of you,

I’ll smile.

Because you could be famous,

or rich

or living the life of your dreams,

but you’ll never be me.

you’ll never get to me again

you’ll never hurt me again

and I can’t wait

To my bullies..

Fuck you

Hey guys, I just got home and started writing and this came pouring out. Something happened today. And it wasn’t a massive deal, but it brought back all the memories and I had to share them with you. Hope you understand. See you soon with another post.xx


The Awkward Expert♥

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